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Are you desperate for a home renovation, but your funds are a little tight? Well, there are several ways to save money on renovating and still end up with a beautiful and professional result. Here are a few ideas for home renos that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One Thing At a Time

Once you’ve decided to renovate, it’s very easy to get excited and have multiple projects going at the same time. But renovating half the house or even just a couple of rooms can very quickly get out of control and become a nightmare. While it might be tempting or even seem to make sense from a practical perspective, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Typically, a good rule of thumb is to start with the most involved project and only renovate one room at a time. Once the first room is complete and you’re happy with the finished product, you can start moving onto the next area. Not only will this plan of attack help contain the chaos of renovation, but you’ll also keep the costs under budget by avoiding unexpected expenses.

Keep the Same Layout

Another part of home renovations that people find tempting once they get started is to rip out all the fixtures, knock down the walls, and start from scratch. But it’s a good idea to avoid anything that requires modification of your home’s layout when you’re renovating on a smaller budget. That’s because by using the same floorplan, you’ll keep your renovation costs down.

Typically, as the complexity of your renovation increases, the costs get significantly higher as well. And big-time renovations like redesigning structures, moving electricals, modifying plumbing, and tearing out walls may not be worth the extra cost. So unless there’s a major underlying issue with the safety or functionality of the space, you should keep the current layout. If you’re renovating a small space, go for wall huggers or two-person recliners instead of an oversized couch, and invest in multi-purpose furniture or some with storage.

Make Safe Décor Choices

People can make some pretty bold décor decisions during renovations and then regret them later. This can get expensive if you need a renovation re-do in a few months. If you’re not sure about something, always make the safest decisions. Stick to the classics like natural materials, modern fixtures, and neutral tones, as they’ll most likely age the best.

This is especially important if you plan on selling anytime in the future, as classic décor choices never really go out of style. Plus, it starts getting expensive to chase the latest trends anyway, which isn’t what you want when you have a smaller budget. The best part is that the classics are usually the cheapest, as companies buy them in bulk. They often have the largest discounts too!

Find the Middle Ground

While you should always have a budget that gets updated with every purchase, you also need to know when you can splurge and when you should save. If you’re always buying high-end items, you’ll end up spending way too much. But if you’re only paying the lowest price, you’ll typically end up with the lowest quality fixtures. So find the middle ground because there’s no point in doing a renovation if it isn’t going to last.

The most effective option here is to be realistic and find a middle ground with each purchase. Instead of spending a bundle on a brand new, top-of-the-line stove, it may be a better idea to get something second-hand. Or maybe you can source a factory second or a display model. Where you should spend big is on door hardware, plumbing faucets, and light fixtures, because they all need to be durable and look good.

Reuse & Recycle Materials

You don’t have to buy everything brand spanking new in a renovation. Reusing what you have wherever you can is one of the most effective ways to save money. Maybe you can reuse some kitchen appliances, or the old bathroom cabinetry can be installed in the laundry.

If you genuinely can’t find ways to repurpose anything, try seeking out gently used items online or in second-hand stores. Also consider purchasing recycled vanities, plumbing hardware, lighting fixtures, and other material from salvage and junkyards. Not only does hunting for good bargains save you money, but it also helps the planet while adding plenty of character to your home.

You should have learned something new as a result of reading this article. More ideas can be found on this page: Smarter Renovation and Home Improvement Tips


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