Selling your home can be the start of a new adventure, but you want to ensure it stands out to potential buyers. While the interior is important, remember your backyard is also an area buyers will want to see.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Here are some tips for staging the perfect outdoor space:

1. Declutter

One of the first things you want to do is clean your backyard. Remove everything besides the furniture or any decorations. Store all the lawn tools in a shed or garage. You also want to pick up any children’s toys or sports equipment. This allows potential buyers to easily move around the space.

Also, have a minimal or tasteful amount of furniture to make your yard appear less busy. Get rid of larger furniture pieces you don’t need. However, you still want to showcase a few different social spots, such as the dining area.

2. Wash and Dust Your Exterior

Having a clean and shiny exterior structure can entice buyers. It also shows you know how to properly maintain a home. This can make buyers excited to explore the rest of the house. So, you want to pressure-wash your home’s exterior. You can do it yourself or hire a professional.

To wash your walls, connect the washer to your outdoor spigot through a garden hose. Then attach a nozzle and start the engine. You’ll want to wear safety goggles and clothing that can get wet. Also, spread old sheets on the ground to catch any paint chips. When finished, remove any cobwebs or dust accumulated on the walls.

3. Clean Up Your Garden

Having a beautiful garden can attract homeowners. So, remove any weeds from your flower beds and walkways. Consider using a weed killer to ensure they won’t grow back. If you’re looking for a more natural remedy, try using vinegar.

To further enhance your space, plant colorful flowers. You can also add some planted pots around the space. Here are some beautiful plants to consider adding to your garden:

  • Zygopetalum orchids
  • English roses
  • Dahlias
  • Turk’s Cap lily
  • Himalayan poppy

4. Incorporate Popular Features

Adding in popular outdoor amenities, such as a deck, can attract buyers to your showing. A patio is a popular spot for families to sit and enjoy warm summer evenings. An outdoor kitchen is another popular feature. Add in a grill and it’s the perfect spot for entertaining. You can choose a Mont Alpi grill for this, and with very little assembly, you will be grilling in no time! Keep in mind these features can make your house stand out from the others.

Here are other popular items to add to your space:

  • A firepit
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Water features or a fountain
  • A pool or hot tub
  • An irrigation system

5. Decorate With Neutral Colors

Consider sticking with neutral colors for the staging. Large furniture, such as seating, should be in whites or grays. Using neutral tones can create a cleaner-looking space. It can also create a more peaceful vibe.

Plus, you can then create colorful accents with pillows or rugs. Look for cushions with fun patterns. When picking a carpet, make sure it’s made from water-resistant material.

Here are some vibrant color ideas for your pillows and rugs:

  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow

6. Provide Some Shade

If your porch receives a lot of sun, add an umbrella or curtains. Umbrellas protect homeowners from exposure to UV radiation. Having shaded spots can help your buyers envision what it would be like to live in the house. It could also help them picture summer nights spent outside with family and friends.

Here are some other ways to add shade to your yard:

  • Plant trees
  • Build a gazebo
  • Add a pavilion
  • Purchase a pop-up canopy
  • Put up a shade sail

7. Create a Sense of Privacy

Many homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor space without their neighbors watching. Consider adding a patio cover with a curtain or a fence. 

Also, you can use the landscaping as a natural barrier. Plant tall trees and bushes to give buyers a feeling of privacy. Consider adding a wooden fence to give your space that classic look. Cedar and redwood are popular options for their durability.

How to Successfully Stage Your Backyard

When you’re ready to sell your home, there is so much to do! Staging your home to attract potential buyers is a critical step. While many homeowners focus on the inside, the outside is just as important. So, follow these tips to create a beautiful outdoor space worth viewing and making an offer on.

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Surprising Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

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