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Moving to Australia is a good idea, seeing how it’s one of the top countries in regards to the quality of life. Also, moving here isn’t as difficult as it is for many other countries in the world because of Australia’s rather welcoming immigration laws. But of course, to make this process as smooth as possible, you’ll need to prepare for it correctly. Most importantly, you will need the help of a trustworthy legal expert and a good money transfer service.

Moving to Australia Step 1: Find a Suitable Money Transfer Service

One of the most important things you need to realize is that moving is expensive, no matter how careful you are with your budget. This means that you’ll need to send funds to Australia somehow. Usually, the recommended route is to open a bank account and transfer your funds there.

However, this will only make the move more expensive because the cost of bank wire transfers can be up to 7% of the transfer volume. The exact amount will depend on the banks and the country you are moving from. But you can be sure the transfer will be rather expensive.

Today, people prefer to use popular digital payment services for these transactions. However, companies like PayPal, while very popular, are still expensive. For example, an international PayPal transfer will cost around 5%.

Considering these facts, the first thing you should do before moving is to find a cost-efficient way to transfer large amounts of money to Australia. Using a foreign currency exchange (FX) broker will be the best solution because they are focused on making currency transfers cheap. These brokers are usually referred to as FX or online money transfer companies. The leaders in this industry in Australia are Moneycorp, OFX, and Currencies Direct.

Please note that the exact cost of every transfer will differ depending on the currency pair, provider, and transfer amount. But with these companies you can expect it to be around 1% or even less.

There aren’t any difficult requirements you need to meet to use the services of FX companies. You can use them to send money to any bank account in Australia, including your own. This means that you can use these companies to:

  • Make a down payment on a mortgage or pay for rented accommodation.
  • Pay your legal counsel or any other professionals you hire to help with the move.
  • Transfer your assets to an Australian bank.
    This includes receiving regular transfers from your native country for expats.

Moving to Australia Step 2: Research the Legalities (and Hire a Lawyer)

It’s not mandatory to hire a lawyer or even a migration agent when moving to Australia. However, this is the safest solution if you want to make the move fast and smooth. But before doing this, you should do some legal research.

First of all, Australia offers many types of visas. Therefore, you need to pick which you will need to apply for in order to move. If you aren’t sure, you’ll definitely need to get legal counsel on this matter. In case you move for work, your employer might provide assistance.

The most important thing you need to learn from this research is which documents you need to prepare when applying for a visa. Also, find out if there are any other documents you will need in order to settle in the country. It’s imperative to learn this information before you start making any preparations for the move.

A lawyer or a certified migration agent will be able to help you with all the necessary paperwork. This means you will avoid the risk of losing a lot of money due to some simple mistakes.

Moreover, you will need the help of a lawyer if you plan to buy property in Australia. This will protect you from being ripped off. You will also be sure that there will be no issues with the property due to your new legal status.

Moving to Australia Step 3: Deal with Your Employment

Showing some proof of your employment can be a great help when you apply for an Australian visa. Therefore, it’s always best to get a job before moving. Australia welcomes talented immigrants, so you should have some job opportunities to choose from. Note that you might need to obtain a work permit along with a visa.

If you move to Australia as a business owner or an investor, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds to maintain the status. A visa of this specific type costs over $5,000 but it gives you a status equal to permanent residency.

While it’s more difficult, you still can move to Australia without an employment offer. However, in this case, you will need to prove that you have the skills to contribute to the country’s economy.

Students and those reuniting with their families from abroad will have to meet different requirements. Employment or proof of skill might not be necessary for them.

Moving to Australia Step 4: Get a Place to Live

You must have some type of accommodation prepared before making your move to Australia. This is when using an online money transfer company will be most useful because paying for a home might be your biggest expense. Usually, you can either rent or buy a place (or get a mortgage). However, some visas might have more stringent requirements for your accommodation.

If there are no specialized requirements you need to meet, choosing a place should be rather simple. There are plenty of housing options in Australia that can fit any budget. But remember that it’s always safer to use the services of a certified real estate agent and/or an attorney when dealing with real estate. Unfortunately, unscrupulous realtors sometimes prey on foreigners. For example, they might charge higher rent or add some made-up fees.

It will be best to do some general market research to find out average prices for different types of properties.

Moving to Australia Step 5: Settle the Details of Your Move

When all your legal matters are settled and you have a place prepared, it’s time to move. However, this might be the most stressful part of the process. To make it go as smoothly as possible you need to choose a reliable moving service. It might be possible to hire an international company. However, it’s much simple and cheaper to use the services of local businesses.

This means that you might have to arrange the shipping details for your belongings yourself. Or, the company might arrange for them to be delivered to Australia. From there, you’ll need to hire another service to take them to your new place.

The logistics of an international move are always complicated. Therefore, you should arrange everything in advance. Also, it will be prudent to minimize the number of things you take with you. Do some calculations to get a clear understanding of the situation. It might be cheaper to purchase some new items in Australia than to have them transported overseas.

However, moving your stuff isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned about when relocating to Australia. You also need to prepare for culture change. And if your English is rusty, you’ll have to improve it. Bear in mind that you will need to pass English and Australian citizenship tests to get your citizenship. You will need to do this after living in the country for four years to change your legal status. Therefore, you’ll have time to prepare.

The citizenship test is focused on Australian values and culture. You’ll be able to get materials to prepare for it from your migration agent.

Moving to Australia Step 6: Enjoy Your New Life

That’s it! If you’ve completed all the steps outlined above, you can fully enjoy your new life in Australia. It’s guaranteed to be exciting as this country has a lot to offer. It has a rather strong economy and lots of room for business growth.

You will also enjoy integrating into the local culture. Australians do not have any restrictive or otherwise difficult traditions. Therefore, you can simply enjoy a free life full of adventure.

Do remember to be respectful of your new countrymen and their quirks. Every region in Australia has its own small customs and learning them will help you become a part of the community.

Do not be anxious, Australia is a very hospitable nation. You are sure to feel at home here soon.

We hope you found this blog post Step-by-Step Guide for Moving To Australia useful. Be sure to check out our post 7 Steps to transport a Vehicle to Australia for more great tips!


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