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South Carolina, a southeastern state in the US, is typically known for its natural scenes. It has plenty of beaches and marsh-like islands. Some of the best areas of South Carolina include Coastal Charleston which is a historical place with houses of pastel color. However, other places that are categorized as “cool” and “chic” include Fort Sumter and Grand Strand. Are you looking for more places to visit in South Carolina or want to find the best homes in South Carolina? This is your blog to read. 

5 Best Places to Live in South Carolina 

Enlisted below are some of the best areas to make your next house – absolutely, for all the right reasons! 

1. Lexington

If you are wanting to live in a modern city with a historical element. Lexington is the perfect blend you are looking for! Interestingly, this place was created in 1735 and gives respect to the wars associated with the Revolutionary War. However, when we talk about the present situation, it is thickly populated. Lexington is also considered best for those who are professionals, people who want to raise a family and call this place their home. 

Lexington offers an intense suburban feel. Also, this is the best place for those who are looking for a metropolitan ambiance with an affordable lifestyle. What comes next? Well, without academic opportunities, we don’t think any area or city makes the best deal! Ensure this is a haven for your kids. Let us tell you that Lexington has 192 public schools.

2. Isle of Palms

Another best place to live in South Carolina is the Isle of Palms. This place has a 7-mile-long shore. It also offers affordable downtown and bars on the beach. This happens to be the best place for retired as well as those who are raising a family. 

Other than all these good features, there is a lot more to enjoy. Let it be the golf course or the access to beaches, it offers a high-end lifestyle. When it comes to the price range of buying a house in the Isle of Palms, they are a bit on the higher side. But we know the reasons why it is so, right? 

Once you start living in this place, you might not need to search for better areas for vacation. It is because the Isle of Palms offers more than your expectation (to stay near to nature). Schools at this place include Charleston County School which is considered the best in South Carolina. 

With all these reasons in mind, you can make this place your next home. 

3. Columbia

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. The population of Columbia stands second in the state. It has roughly 130,000 residents who call this place their home. The cost of living is a bit (4%) less than South Carolina’s average. That’s the reason why it is the best place to live at a reasonable price. 

Because of the entertainment and diverse range of activities at Columbia. Young professionals, families, and different nationalities get attracted to Columbia. The famous “The University of South Carolina” attracts students from all over the world. 

Another reason why you should visit and make a better future at Columbia is linked to nature. Yes, it has parks like Congaree National Park and Sesquicentennial State Park. It even has a lake, “Lake Murray” that entices people. 

4. Greenville 

The next place to live or visit in South Carolina in Greenville. It is just an amazing place to live for all the perfect reasons! For example, it has a friendly community with the most scenic views. Since it is situated on the northern side, you will see the Blue Ridge Mountains within a distance of one hour. Housing is way cheaper than in other places in South Carolina (22% less). This makes Columbia the best place for most of us to live! 

Greenville is a community that has multi-cultural events and festivals. Even the kind of activities they have in here are in abundance. Residents as well as those who just visit Greenville love “Falls Park”. This park has so many natural scenes and views – waterfalls and bridges make it a “must go to”! If you are into different cultures and love exploring entertainment points, Greenville is the right place for you! 

5. Camden 

This place came into being in 1732. Today, Camden is regarded as the oldest inland place in South Carolina. Interestingly, it is known for the oldest race, the “Carolina Cup” of the US. Another fun fact about Camden is its location – less than half an hour to Columbia and one and a half hours away from Charlotte, New York City. 

What else? It offers a friendly and family-oriented downtown kind of ambiance. With a tightly knitted community of residents, Camden is regarded highly!

We hope you found this blog on the The Best Area To Live in South Carolina useful. For more ideas, check out our post on The Most Popular Southern Cities to Move to This Year

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