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Miami is one of the most trending and emerging places to live and visit, and there are many good reasons to prove it. It has a lot of green areas, business zones with many international brands, and beautiful beaches.

The Best Neighborhoods in Miami

Most of the Miami neighborhoods are renowned and very touristic, and each has its own style or distinctive essence. For example, Coconut Grove, Edgewater, Key Biscayne, South Beach, and Brickell are among the most famous ones.

Coconut Grove

Known for its colorful and vibrant scenery, Coconut Grove is a very relaxing and tropical neighborhood minutes away from Downtown. It contains many historical buildings and an old vibe, giving the place an aesthetically vintage touch.

Called “The Grove” by its habitants, this place is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami for those looking for a cozy place. Calm streets with a bohemian and hippie lifestyle decorate the walkable downtown full of sidewalk coffees and restaurants.

Coconut Grove is also very culturally attached to the water culture, having a lot of water sports and boating activities. The bayfront is always full of people enjoying the weather and the waves or enjoying some of the yearly festivals.

The festivals and community-spirited activities are significant in the Grove. The Annual Coconut Grove Art Festival and the Farmer’s Market, celebrated weekly every Saturday, are the most renowned celebrations.

When it comes to security, Coconut Grove is one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami to live in. It has an extensive variety of real estate options to choose to acquire, from older duplexes and apartments to luxurious condos. All of them are located in secure, safe, and calm areas.


Located in a small coastal slice of mainland Miami, Edgewater is one of the quietest neighborhoods in Miami to live. However, its scenery is nothing but a big urban jungle, it’s located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, providing a unique landscape.

This place has a very vibrant and busy social life all day and week. With many bars, cafes, and restaurants especially adapted to business life, it’s the perfect choice for single adults and families with children.

According to, Edgewater is one of the best neighborhoods in which to live with children in Miami, competing for head to head with Brickell. Its schools are above average, providing good education and services to care of the young.

Edgewater also held a record of 28% fewer crime rates than the national average, while violent crimes are 66% less likely. This makes it not only one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami but in the United States.

Since its more oriented to be a commercial neighborhood, apartments are the most common currency when searching for a place to live. Mid-rise apartments and condos are the best options for families to live with their beloved ones in Edgewater.


Brickell is the financial heart of Miami, one of the most high-density places to live in Florida, and it is focused on a fast-paced and urban life. Located to the south of Downtown Miami, this place has many investment and banking areas that are often empty after working hours.

Lately, this has been improving significantly, and Brickell is now one of the best neighborhoods in Miami regarding day and nightlife. Everything needed is just some blocks away, so people don’t need to use their cars or transport to move. Also, there’s always a bar nearby.

The inclusion of international brands, design stores, and boutiques, along with the construction of two extensive shopping helped with this popularity.

Brickell is also a very safe neighborhood and one of the best choices for a family to live in. While its heart is focused on a more mature and adult life centered on business and the like, some are family-friendly residential areas.

South Beach

Among the best neighborhoods in Miami, South Beach is one of those that does not need any kind of introduction. Globally famous, SoBe is the most iconic place in Florida, the playground of many celebrities and a very wealthy lifestyle.

Its centered beach culture is one of its main attractions, combined with the rich nightlife it offers every day of the week. Away from the shore, there’s a massive list of clubs, bars, and restaurants to visit and enjoy the night.

While it is a relatively safe neighborhood to walk around, some locals recommend avoiding certain streets and areas, especially at night. It’s recommended for tourists and newcomers to check with accommodation or locals if a determined route is safe before going alone.

SoBe is the perfect destination for a family trip or an adult vacation: a lot of activities to do all week and many places to visit. But it is different for those planning to move to Miami in with children. There are better options when it comes to family-friendly life and education.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a very calm and beautiful island town with an amiable and culturally rich community. While it is still minutes away from the mainland and Downtown Miami, it retains a chill and paradisiacal vibe.

There are a lot of businesses such as shops, markets, and pharmacies, especially along the main boulevard. This makes the neighborhood self-sufficient, preventing residents from tripping to the center for supplies.

It is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami and a perfect place to move in with children. Key Biscayne holds some of the highest-rated schools in the area, such as the Mast Academy. Also, residential areas are very accessible, with many single-family homes to choose from.


Miami is a massive city with many attractive things to offer. Its unique neighborhoods share many similarities but simultaneously have something that makes them distinctive from the other. That’s what causes this zone to be a fantastic city to discover and live in.

Most of its neighborhoods are very secure, which makes them perfect to live in. Other areas, such as SoBe, are more oriented toward tourism but are lovely places for those looking for nightlife and parties.

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