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The bathroom is among the important rooms inside a home to renovate. It offers a significant amount of value to improve the quality of the space. When people look to buy a property, they often focus on the kitchen and bathroom because they are two rooms that get a lot of traffic throughout the day by households of all sizes. That’s why a bathroom renovation is a popular upgrade for homeowners.

To help you better understand the average bathroom renovation cost and the things you shouldn’t skimp on, we’ve created this short but useful guide for you to refer to. We address everything you need to know about labor, waterproofing, plumbing, and inexpensive fixes. That way, your basic questions are answered until you can contact the contractor of your choice for detailed pricing information concerning your specific job.


The more specialty services the job requires, the more you’ll pay. Electricians, plumbers, and tilers all charge a fee for the time they spend on the job. These contractors are the most common when it comes to bathroom renovators; however, you may need others such as a carpenter, painter, or interior designer.

Contractors usually charge by the hour. A complete bathroom remodel can take a couple of weeks, depending on how extensive the job is, which will cause the hours of labor required to add up quickly. It’s important to discuss pricing with the various contractors you plan on hiring before signing any contracts. This will allow you to stay on budget and not get any surprises when it’s time to pay.

The quality of the contractors you hire will affect your bathroom’s quality in the long run. This is why it’s essential to not skimp on hiring talented and reliable contractors to get the job done.

Tiling and Waterproofing Floors and Walls

flooding or mold, which will end up costing you much, much more in the long run. Save yourself the future headache by getting it done properly at the start.


As plumbing is the main element of a bathroom, it is natural that it is going to be one of the factors that cost the most. It is definitely not an area that you want to try to have done cheaply or poorly, as the cost of fixing your plumbing will cost more in the long run. This includes hiring both an expert plumber and paying more for better equipment.

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Parts of a Bathroom Renovation You Can Do Cheaply

Some bathroom renovation ideas that are affordable are quick to implement. You get a lot of value without the need to spend more money to achieve it. You can select the parts of the bathroom that you feel need the most attention or that your household uses more frequently. Consider upgrading your old toilet with a macerating toilet system. A macerator toilet, also called an upflush toilet, has an additional unit at the back called a macerator pump, which grinds waste into a slurry and pumps it through a pipe directly to the sewer drain pipe.

Ideas for you to explore are listed below for your consideration. Selecting the renovation areas that make the most improvement to the room is something we highly recommend. It allows you to make a minimal financial investment while achieving maximum impact.

Upgrading fixtures is one of the most cost-effective and noticeable ways to renovate the bathroom. With various styles and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to create an entirely new theme for the space. On average, fixture removal and replacement costs $1,000 or less.

Painting walls and existing cabinets are also highly affordable options. You can pay for a couple of gallons of interior paint and a few hours of labor and have a bathroom that you’re proud to use once again. If you hire a handyman to do the work you can expect to pay $50 or more an hour, depending on the level of skill needed to complete the job.

Another simple way to transform your bathroom look is to mix up the color scheme and decorations. Replace all your dated towels with new ones that match, and lay out some candles and indoor plants to freshen up the look. There are so many small ideas like this that you can do to make a huge impact. And the best part is the small amount it will cost you.

Why You Should Consider a Bathroom Renovation Today

A bathroom renovation is among the most satisfying things you can do to improve your house’s look and feel. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, either, because many of the things you can do to renovate the space are affordable. Take into account that the most expensive part of a remodel is labor.

Calling companies to request pricing information allows you to see which is the best option based on your financial needs. It helps you understand the logic behind the prices that they quoted to you. It also gives you the opportunity in advance to ask about discounts, promotions, and financing options because they may be available for you to take advantage of today.

We hope you found this blog post The Parts Of A Bathroom Renovation You Shouldn’t Skimp On useful. Be sure to check out our post Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Renovation for more great tips!


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