A home’s bathroom represents its most private room reserved for some of the most delicate day-to-day activities.  We use this room for bathing, shaving, brushing our teeth, and performing various other hygiene-related things. This is why we rely on our bathrooms to provide us with a sanitary environment to do stuff like this.  While keeping your bathroom clean is a must at all times, you may also want to sometimes change its design. To do this well, you may want to approach this task methodically, so to speak.  The thing is, there are a couple of systems running simultaneously in your bathroom you need to pay attention to. (We’re talking about plumbing and the electrical system, to be precise.)  In this article, we’re going to give you nine things to take into consideration before starting a bathroom renovation.  Here’s the deal.

1) Come up with a Budget

No house renovation project can go smoothly without a pre-determined budget.  The thing is, changing the design mid-project may cause your expenses to skyrocket. This, in turn, can slow down the project, which can make an already bad financial situation even worse.  So, before you start anything, make sure that you’ve figured out your budget first. Then, you can proceed with executing the sections of the project according to the planned budget.

2) Check the State of Your Plumbing

If your bathroom pipes and fixtures are in bad shape, don’t even think of setting the tiles.  You should immediately redirect your budget toward fixing the faulty plumbing if necessary as it should definitely be more of a priority.  If you’re unsure of how to fix the plumbing problems, you might want to call in the pros to help you. For folks from Australia, you can find some available Newcastle plumbers to come and take a look.

3) Consider Setting Up a New Lighting System

The benefits of fitting a new lighting system in your bathroom are twofold.  First, you will be able to see yourself in the mirror better, which will facilitate taking care of yourself.  Secondarily, it will light up the entire bathroom so that you can spot all the stains in it at all times.

4) Decide How to Organize Storage

… And whether you’d prefer to go vertical as opposed to horizontal, for example.  The thing about storage is that you can’t afford to lose too much space to it. At the same time, some portion of the bathroom will inevitably have to be dedicated to storage.  By the way, the bathroom’s storage units should house toilet paper, dirty clothes, toothpaste, and other necessities.

5) Consider Fitting a Slip-Resistant Floor

… especially if you tend to splash a lot of water outside of the bathtub or sink.  Rubber floors, for example, can be a great solution here because they’re both slip-resistant and waterproof. This means that, with proper care, these floors can last you for years or even decades.  Some other solutions would include vinyl flooring or even carpet flooring. If you do choose carpet, you can forget about the waterproofness part of the deal, of course.

6) Create a Time Schedule for the Renovation

One thing that can go wrong with renovation efforts outside of the budget would be the duration.  If you’re not careful and efficient, a bathroom renovation can end up lasting way longer than you originally anticipated. Setting up a schedule can help you keep things under control and complete the project within the specified time.  A bathroom renovation project running for ages unchecked can also mean an increase in costs. Not to mention the fact that the functionality of the bathroom will be severely limited during the renovation.  So, to finish the project as soon as possible and keep disturbances to a minimum – get a schedule.

7) Fit New Fixtures

You might need new fixtures for decorative purposes or because the old ones run their course.  The exciting thing about fixtures would be that they give you an opportunity to express yourself, the designer side of you, too.  Depending on what style you fancy, you can fit retro brass fixtures, or some European-style faucets, for example.

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your bathroom fixtures, especially if you’re doing a full renovation. If you’re thinking of changing your old toilet, opt for a sanicompact toilet. It is an ergonomically designed bathroom fixture that is not only elegant but also practical.

8) Install a Ventilation System

In case your bathroom doesn’t already come with ventilation, setting it up can be a great addition.  Instead of opening the window every time you’re finished using the toilet, the ventilation system can take care of that. This can be an incredibly useful feature during the winter months.

9) Choose Between Setting Up a Bath or a Shower

While installing both is possible, it’s not the most space-saving-savvy decision, so to speak.  Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you may want to make a choice – baths or showers.  Showers take up less space, but baths give you more room for submerging yourself in water – something showers can’t do.

All in all, renovating your bathroom can be a great way to improve its appearance and add some useful features. As long as you know your budget and have a schedule, your bathroom renovation has a good chance of success.

We hope you found this blog post on 9 Things to Consider before Starting a Bathroom Renovation useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Contemporary Bathroom Designs for Every Home for more great tips!


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