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Whether it’s Europe for its history, Oregon for the rainy weather, New Zealand for its beaches, or Texas for some of that Lone Star State freedom, everyone has a dream area that they’ve always thought of moving to for one reason or another.

With the coronavirus upsetting life as we know it and severing so many professional connections, you may think there’s no better time than the present to finally pick up your life and move to your “dream area.” Before you do so, though, ask yourself a few important questions:

Do You Know About the Area?

It’s easy to romanticize something in your head. If you watch a movie, read a blog, see a picture, or hear a friend’s story about a certain place, it’s easy to turn the location into a “dreamy-with-no-substance” area — which is the kind of place that you most certainly don’t want to move to.

That’s why the first thing you want to ask yourself is what you know about the area. Look for resources specific to your dream area that can help you get a better picture of what living there looks like. Don’t just visit touristy sites. Look for local blogs, regional online news outlets, and other geographically focused information. Use these to enlighten yourself about the nitty-gritty details, from major natural disasters and how to guard against them to the availability of public transportation and everything in between.

What Is the Job Market Like?

You need to be able to make a living wage if, you know, you’re going to live somewhere. With that in mind, always take the time to research the job market of your potential new home. As you do so, ask yourself the following sub-questions:

  • Does your career and quality of employment matter or is it a lower priority to you?
  • Is your industry thriving in this region?
  • Will your current skills be particularly relevant in this area?
  • How can you structure your resume to stand out to local recruiters?
  • Can you bypass this concern entirely by working remotely for a company located elsewhere?

These are significant factors that should go into relocation considerations. For instance, if you’re going to move to Australia, your one-page resume will likely lack the detailed information that local Aussie recruiters are looking for. Are you daydreaming about a life in the Big Apple? Consider what the recent shutdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic may have done to your industry’s presence there.

Take everything into consideration to ultimately get employment before you make a move to your dream area.

Have You Investigated the Cost of Living?

One of the most important areas to do your research before moving doesn’t have to do with the move itself so much as the day-to-day expenses of life once you’ve relocated. Don’t be fooled by an apparently luxurious income. Seventy-five thousand dollars per year might set you up comfortably in Upstate New York, but it isn’t going to get you very far if you’re living in Silicon Valley.

The biggest concern typically revolves around housing. Whether you’re building a house or buying one, paying a mortgage can often be the factor that defines your cost of living. If you’re going to move somewhere else, seriously consider renting for a while first. This helps make a wise long-term housing choice once you have more information about the area.

Are There Any Quirks That Are A Concern?

Finally, look for any quirky-yet-concerning factors about the area that could tip the scales of your decision one way or another. Many of these objections tend to revolve around personal considerations, such as if an area leans a certain way with their politics or legislation.

Local taxes are another major consideration that should always be researched. Even the local identity of the area is worth a peek. Does the community do a lot together? Are they fairly isolated? Does everything shut down at 4 P.M. or stay open until three in the morning? How does all of this jive with your particular lifestyle?

The goal here should be gauging the potential quality of life that you can truly find if you decide to move.

Always Create a Plan Before Making a Move

From local culture to the job market, cost of living, taxes, and a plethora of other factors, it’s important to conduct thorough research before you move. This is just as true for relocating to a dream area as it is anywhere else. In fact, it’s even more critical, as it’s easy to overlook serious objections if you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses that are causing you to see an area in an overly-optimistic way.

There’s nothing wrong with romanticizing the thought of living somewhere else. However, moving there requires cool calculations, logistical thinking, and thorough planning, particularly if you want to enjoy your life once you’ve made your move.

We hope you found this blog post Things to Consider Before Deciding to Move to Your “Dream Area” useful. Be sure to check out our post All The Fees to Be Aware of Before Making an Offer on Your Dream Home for more great tips!


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