things to do in Savannah, MO

When one hears the name, ‘Savannah’ we think of the city in Georgia. But little do people know that there is a small, quaint town in Missouri by the same name. Small towns have the perception of being dull and lacking the energy and options big city life offers – but that’s not the case here. One look at the listing for houses for sale Savannah MO and you will figure out that there is more to this town than meets the eye.

Top Things to Do in Savannah, MO 

Low Population & More Recreational Activities 

With a population of just above 5,000, Savannah, MO is your peaceful, perfect American town shown in feel-good American movies. The town offers an assortment of recreational activities that can enrich your family life. For art lovers, Savannah is practically a haven. The small town boasts four museums of different genres. These museums are tourist spots for people of neighboring counties as well. 

Museums, Sports & More

Apart from the museums, residents and visitors at Savannah can enjoy themselves and have a great family time at the two mini-golf and garden golf options the town has. It’s a great way to enjoy a family Sunday and hang out during the summer break. For those of us who do not find excitement in golf, there is electronic go-karting right next to the mini-golf! Joe Town Speedway is an advanced electric go-karting activity that is bound to give anyone the thrills! It opens up in March when the weather gets pleasant and stays on all through summer till November.  It’s a great way to have fun and unwind, especially for teenagers who are off from school during the summers. 

Natural Scenes and Avenues of Fun

Then there is the Remington Nature Center spread over a large area offering insight into the world of nature as well as local history. It has an aviary and a large 7,000-gallon freshwater aquarium which is a delight for people of all ages. Visitors from around the world enjoy the six featured exhibits the nature center has on display. Other than that, there is always a variety of nature and science-based outdoor activities planned for children as well as monthly scavenger hunts along the Missouri River. Residents of Savannah can take up membership at this unique facility so that they can enjoy and learn the different genres the place has to offer.

Then there are two beautiful and large parks the town boasts of. 

Natural and Historical Parks

Duncan Park and Krug Park. Duncan Park is a beautiful, well-cared-for park spread over several acres. With a pond in between, it is a great place for picnics as it has weather-covered benches and tables and a large charcoal grill. Residents often bring their dogs for a walk here while others simply look at the fish in the pond. Through summers, if the weather allows residents of the town to enjoy Concerts in the Park on Thursdays – A great way to hang around and enjoy live music. Krug Park is an excellent historic park, where people can enjoy fishing, hiking, and biking. With a small lake, an animal conservatory, and an amphitheater the park is a delight for visitors.

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