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After spending almost a year and a half inside our homes, it is pretty apparent for humans to try breathing in the fresh air as much as possible. With winter approaching, the shorter days might hinder your plan of spending your time outdoors. However, a well-designed outdoor space can light up your plan. To help you devise that section to term it a part of the house, we have a few tips to make the most of your design.

You need to put your best foot forward while designing the structure since we don’t focus much on our outdoor spacing while curating the interior. But trust me, an improvised outdoor shade structure or warm ambiance can do wonders for your home. 

First things, first:

  • Surroundings

To make the most of your outdoor spacing, try to design a small gathering space to relish a mug of coffee while watching the sunrise or set the table and chairs for refreshments and cocktails at sunset. Try using fences or shades to prevent unsightly eyesores. Experience architects in Nashville suggests projecting a view beyond the boundaries to comprehend how the place accords into its surrounding conditions.

  • Purpose

Before digging your hands into the work, think about the outdoor space usage. Analyze whether:

  • Do you desire to host BBQs or dinner parties?
  • Are you longing for a calm space to rest and relax?
  • How many visitors do you typically invite?
  • Does your space necessitate being pet or children-friendly, including a separate section merely for them?

These questions can help you know your purpose of having an outdoor structure, therefore helping you plan things accordingly. 

  • Layout

Designers recommend having an ideology equivalent to creating a floor layout of a new house while composing an outdoor space. This would help craft a logical and functional connection with the house’s outdoor and indoor spacing. It assists in maintaining uniformity giving a wholesome look to your space instead of making it an alien division of the house. 

Consider nature:

  • Exposure

The course of your outdoor living structure design can describe its functionality. Suppose your house is located in a mountainous space. To make use of the space you are putting your hard work into and ensure it is not left unused in winter or scorching summer; it’s essential to consider the direction it’s facing. That’s because north- and east-facing areas aren’t suitable for such extreme conditions. 

  • Wind pattern

Make a note of customary wind direction and also the time of prevailing. Some areas might seem cool in the daylight but ought to have a formal wind by dawn. The last thing you want is to craft a beautiful outdoor shade structure only to witness it fall by storming wind or build a fire pit to be downwind. 

  • Comfort

If your outdoor space receives a lot of early or afternoon sunlight, it is better to design shade to provide comfort. Consider building pergolas, retractable awnings, or planting trees on edge to guard scorching sunlight and have a shelter to pass the summer sun easily. 

The foundation:

  • Hardscape

Experts recommend using a combination of surfaces with a section dedicated to the soft ground while leaving enough hard surfaces to place chairs and other fixtures. They say it provides a wholesome look and recommend incorporating wood decking and flagstone to hold onto the overall aesthetics. 

  • Plant selection

Even a calm soul needs a place to relax, and the best way to create a calming atmosphere is to incorporate plants in the outdoor living structure design. 

Try selecting easy-care greenery to keep it a low-maintenance area. Ideally, planting shrubs that grow four-inch a year is best. You can even work on vertical surfaces to open overhead space. Yet, remember, plants provide a calming look; they also attract bees and other insects. And you surely won’t want them to meddle your dinner, so make sure you take preventive actions for them too.  

  • Furnishings

The design of the furniture and fixtures will help you make the most of the outdoor living space. And the best way to choose the appropriate ones is to determine what the intent is behind, is it dining, entertaining or relaxing, or a combination of all. 


Once you know what the intention is, the selection process will turn smoother. However, remember to choose outdoor furniture suitable and resistant to the weather where you reside. Consider the color pattern as well to main the aesthetic and a wholesome look.

Create ambiance:

  • Lighting

Lighting is the best way to inculcate the outdoor structure as a part of your house. Illuminating the outdoor area would enhance the outdoor living structure design and create visual interest by expanding the feel of the area when you light up the trees or farther fencing. Keeping safety in mind, try adding decorative lighting on steps and pathways too. 

  • Water 

Consider adding a water element to make a refreshing and relaxing addition to your outdoor living structure design. It doesn’t necessarily mean installing a waterfall or fountain, and a simple trickling water effect and its enhanced sound can create a mesmerizing impact. And if you are lucky to have a water source nearby, try taking advantage of them to add natural beauty. 

  • Fire

Extend your outdoor shade structure a bit further so that you don’t have to move the party inside when evenings turn cool. Set a pit wall or a fireplace near the comforting furniture you placed to enjoy warmth by the fire round the year. A secret tip, place small storage areas near the pit wall. You can use them for multiple purposes, 

  1. storing cozy blankets
  2. marshmallow-roasting supplies

Wrap Up

We often neglect the outdoor living structure design while curating our homes. Hence, we recommend using the above pointers while curating a design to make the most out of it! One must realize that outdoor space is a portion of the home and can turn into the most relaxing and warm place of the property, subject to maintenance and care.

We hope you found this blog post on Tips to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space to Make The Most Of It to be useful. Be sure to check out our post on 7 Changes That Will Easily Boost Your Outdoor Space for more great tips!

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