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Discover remote control apps to help you sift through the post-pandemic era. We’ve put together a useful list to get you started on the right path. Here are the best choices we’ve found on the market for general purposes for Remote Apps for Electronic Monitoring of Employees.

Gone are the days when remote working was looked down upon as an option for those who didn’t cut the mustard. The global workspace has changed a lot, so that remote work percentage has increased a lot compared to a few years ago. Remote control apps are the new trend. More companies are starting to find the attractiveness of remote positions, either on some days of the week or permanently. Even employees find this option attractive due to the flexible schedule that it brings to the table. At the same time, there is a growing need for monitoring the status of work.

The Best 5 Remote Control Apps

Even when allowing employees to work from remote locations, companies need to keep track of their status. It is effortless for employees to get carried away with social media platforms available in the market. This brings the question: which remote control app is the best?

Thankfully, technology, which was primarily responsible for creating the remote work option, has brought about many solutions to monitor remote employees. Some universal remote control apps function well for this purpose. Try out the following apps to manage your team remotely.

10 to 8

The prospect of being on time is essential for remote teams, even if they have a flexible work schedule. 10 to 8 is an app that makes it possible. It comes with creating virtual staff meetings, online appointments with clients. Since 10 to 8 comes with the advantage of Zoom integration, it is easy to switch between a calendar view to a video call in a few seconds. This platform’s ability to work with multiple clients, who may be located in different time zones, makes it easy for teams worldwide to communicate. There are automated reminders on these remote control apps windows. They can help individuals stay on top of an upcoming meeting, as missing one can be quite costly.

Time Doctor

To ensure maximum productivity even in remote working environments, you need a tool that will help you in time tracking and employee monitoring, and one of the best universal remote control apps available is Time Doctor.

With Time Doctor, you can track time accurately and monitor how much time employees spend on a project. The app creates daily and weekly summary email reports on each project’s time, client, and assignment/task. And since time is money, you can easily use the reports to identify and reduce employee time-wasting processes, thereby improving productivity.

Time Doctor lets you work smart, not hard. It features a customizable timesheet and payroll, so you can approve payments to employees based on hours worked or fixed salaries. Also, it’s a project management and budgeting features will help you align projects and budgets for optimum efficiency. This app lets you create tasks, assign projects, and track progress in one spot.

Other features of Time Doctor include distraction alerts to remind you and your employees to stay focused on important projects during working hours. There’s also a screenshot feature that captures employee’s computer screens to give you insight into employee activity during work time. It’s compatible with all devices, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome systems, making it one of the best universal remote control apps.

With off-track alerts, productivity measuring, online timesheets and payroll, and much more, Time Doctor lets you manage projects better and enhance productivity in a remote setting.


Practical management for employees requires team planning, efficient project management, and accurate time tracking. Timely is a great option to have when it comes to seamless automatic time tracking.

The software allows you to record the entire time interval employees invest in a project, featuring real-time dashboards, synchronized scheduling, and even a chat.

All in all, it allows you to manage projects and employees from a single place, packing other small features that will come in handy – project planning and integrations with a dozen other software.

Efficient planning and practical remote employee management will allow you more free time to play games such as Magic Monk Rasputin or just spend time with your family.


If you work with freelancers or remote employees and desire optimum organization, Trello would be ideal. It is one of the best free remote control apps that will help you get more work done flexibly and in a rewarding way. The app lets you create boards, lists, and cards to share with remote teams and collaborate on projects from beginning to end. It’s also a great choice if you are looking for remote control app iOS options.

Trello takes flexibility to another level, allowing you to power-up your workflow and improve productivity. While other remote control apps make you tailor your work according to their features, Trello has customizable features to fit your style. As such, you can use this online remote control app the way your team works best.

As a productivity platform, Trello lets you integrate the apps your team already uses directly into your workflow. You can easily meet your remote team’s unique business needs with this productivity platform.

Trello always stays in sync, helping your remote team work collaboratively and get more work done. Regardless of your location, Trello stays in sync across all devices, making it a handy resource for collaborating with your team from anywhere. The fact that Trello’s boards, lists, and cards are accessible from anywhere and are always in sync, you’ll be able to track the progress of employees from any location.

Furthermore, Trello features a built-in workflow automation algorithm named Butler that helps you boost productivity. With due date commands, calendar commands, rule-based triggers, and custom card & board buttons, Butler lets you enjoy the power of automation, helping you remove tedious tasks from your to-do list.

Working smart remotely has never been this easy. Trello is your team playbook, productivity platform, and it always stays in sync. As such, you’ll be able to manage employees in a remote setting with this tool.


A great way to monitor the work hours put in by an employee would be to use Kickidler, which has several tools designed to enhance the members’ productivity. There are features like productivity analysis, time tracking, efficiency dynamics, and more. They can bring together comprehensive good free remote control apps that can provide more information about a particular employee. Since the history of action on a computer is also recorded, it can be quite useful in several ways. The information can also be used by employees to make themselves more productive.

Laptop and coffee

When it comes to remote control apps, you should first ask yourself what specific needs must be met. There are plenty of options on the market, and making the best choice goes down to specificity. We’ve put together a useful list to get you started, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to see what kind of features you need – and, of course, what pricing you can afford. For instance, if you are looking for remote control apps Ubuntu, then know that Linux actually supports some browser-only options.

If you’ve done the research, tested various apps, and got some interesting lessons, please share them below. Your advice will be helpful for other readers!

We hope you found this blog post on Top 5 Apps for Remote Monitoring of Employees useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Retain Top Talent After Moving Your Business Out of State for more great tips!

Woman Sitting in Decorative Living Room

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