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Working from home has become the new normal. Millions of people around the world are cooped inside, together with their spouses, kids, and other family members. While remote employment comes with benefits like no commutes and comfortable clothing, it also poses brand-new challenges. This post offers some valuable work from home tips to help you cope.

Why is working from home hard? Self-organization, constant interruptions, and an endless working day are just some of the hurdles these workers face. This new reality has hit all industries hard, from printing companies like Fortuna Visual Group to tech giants like Apple. These working from home tips can help you to eliminate most of the hurdles you’ll face and effectively navigate your way through the new corporate reality.

How to Manage Your Working Space?

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Those who wonder “does working from home make you more productive?” must consider the environment in the first place. A working area should improve your productivity. Therefore, it must be comfortable.

In this case, the term comfort means a multi-purpose space with all the necessary conveniences. Although the temptation to procrastinate is appealing, don’t take the bait. You’ll just become lazy and lose any desire to open the laptop. Below is what you will need in an in-house office:

  • Good natural light
  • A big screen, keyboard, and mouse
  • An adjustable chair and separate table (not in the kitchen)
  • Robust internet access
  • Tools and area for video-conferencing.

Although working from home expenses may seem significant, the ROI is going to be impressive. In other words, these purchases will have a positive effect on your productivity. They will help you produce better results, which could, in turn, help you receive some extra cash.

How do you Maintain and Increase your Productivity Working from Home?

Remote work may seem like a dream come true. An employee has the power to manage his or her daily routine more than ever. In reality, things are quite different. You wonder what working from home is really like? An enormous workload, a bunch of kids running around, plenty of household chores, and the constant temptation to turn off your laptop and watch a favorite movie.

The logical question is how to maintain productivity when faced with a constant stream of tasks and deadlines. The first and most important rule is to actually get to work.

It starts from maintaining a regular morning routine: wake up early, eat breakfast, get yourself into a productive working mood. Dress in proper clothing. You don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie. Any appropriate clothing (not pajamas) influences your mental perception and contributes to a more professional approach to handling your workload.

Working from home productivity highly depends on your levels of concentration. To maintain focus, try these potential solutions:

  • Take breaks – Regular breaks are essential to staying focused. Otherwise, excessive tension results in burnout, resulting in reduced concentration.
  • Share your duties with a partner – Support is vital when you have to balance homeschooling, cooking, and a bunch of other tasks. Prioritize them and ask your partner to help around the house when you need uninterrupted time to complete a work task.
  • Eliminate distracting sounds – Put all your devices in airplane mode, work behind a closed door, or listen to some nature sounds when you need to stay focused.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health?

Working from home negatively impacts health and well-being, according to research from the World Economic Forum. A never-ending working day contributes to the blurring of work and non-work boundaries. Many people also feel socially isolated. All these factors can result in enhanced stress, depression, and burnout. Learn more about depression here.

To minimize the drawbacks of “the new reality”, one has to establish working from home rules. These vary from person to person. Here are some of the most common:

  • Set boundaries – The ultimate rule, which applies to family members, employers, and even yourself. You don’t always have to run errands, be available till dawn, or complete a hundred tasks per day.
  • Communicate – Apps for video-conferencing and messaging services are great tools to keep in touch with colleagues during breaks. You can share a cup of coffee or lunch. Get creative and introduce new activities to morning briefs. For example, do a “treasure hunt” for a specific photo or item where whoever brings the best one wins.
  • Get out of the house – Find a nearby café with good Wi-Fi. Try working outside. Being out in nature helps relieve stress.

These tips may not work for everyone. But they provide a good starting point on your way to maximizing efficiency and productivity while working from home.

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