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Blairsville, Georgia, is the epitome of a quiet, rural town. Nestled along the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Blairsville is the perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The tranquil setting allows residents to lose themselves in some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes, and the small population encourages a much more relaxed atmosphere than in more urban cities. The following are just a few examples of why Blairsville is a fantastic place to live!

Small-Town Charm

When a town has a population under 650, you know you’re going to get hit with that small-town charm! The friendly atmosphere found within Blairsville welcomes all to the community, making the move to a new town a smooth transition. The locals of Blairsville are quick to involve themselves in community events, putting all they’ve got into annual festivals and events held within the town to ensure the ultimate experience to all who come to enjoy the festivities.

One of the best features of small towns is the access to local produce and support of small, family-run businesses. The shops and services found within the Blairsville community are mostly locally owned and operated, with very few big box stores in the area. The dedicated staff does everything they can to provide the best experience for shoppers and clients.

Stunning Scenery

Blairsville is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the state! From the Chattahoochee National Forest to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, locals can enjoy mature trees and majestic mountains right in their backyards. The highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains is Brasstown Bald, which is located along the borders of Blairsville and offers sweeping views from the top, which can be accessed through vigorous hiking or mountain biking.

The ever-peaceful Lake Nottely is just minutes from Downtown Blairsville. The gorgeous stretch of shoreline offers sandy beaches and several boat launches for residents who enjoy taking on the waters, be it in a canoe, kayak, or another water vessel. The lake is excellent for fishing and is home to several fish species such as bass, rainbow trout, walleye, and sunfish.

Many of the homes in Blairsville feature vast acres of land and picturesque views. Those looking to call this humble community home will be treated to sweeping views of towering mountains, centuries-old trees, and pristine lakes and rivers.

Awesome Amenities and Excellent Excursions

Though Blairsville is a very small community, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in a wide variety of outdoor excursions and vibrant festivals. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the easy access to some of Georgia’s most spectacular scenery! The Blue Ridge Mountains sit along the borders of Blairsville and offer ample opportunity for hiking, wildlife sightings, and mountain biking. Meeks Park is home to tranquil walking paths, incredible children’s playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Throughout the year, Blairsville residents team up to host various festivals and events that celebrate everything from locally crafted arts to antique cars to the southern mountain heritage. One of the largest attractions is the Sorghum Festival, which draws large crowds from neighboring towns to celebrate the delicate art of syrup making. Live music, arts and crafts, greased pole climbing, and a vibrant parade fill the downtown core of Blairsville every October.

Safe Neighborhoods

The available neighborhoods found within the borders of Blairsville are some of the safest communities in the state. With incredibly low crime rates, these charming subdivisions and quiet country properties offer a sense of security that you can’t find in the bigger cities. Blairsville locals can choose to reside in gated communities, charming townhomes closer to downtown, or quiet, rural residences on the outskirts of town. These safe neighborhoods make Blairsville the perfect place to settle down with a family or retire in the peace and quiet, surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty.

Surrounding Communities

hills around Blairsville, GA showing fall foliage

Northern Georgia is home to some of the best small towns in the state. Blairsville is just one of many incredible communities in this region. Close by are several charming towns, easily accessible to the residents of Blairsville. Here are some neighboring towns frequently visited by Blairsville locals:

Suches is approximately twenty-one miles from Blairsville. Suches is known for the vast hiking trails and quiet downtown boutiques found within its borders and is the perfect day-trip for those looking to try out new walking paths.

Morganton is an even smaller town than Blairsville, believe it or not. With just 300 people living within the community, this charming little town is nestled along the Blue Ridge lake. Blairsville locals will often visit Morganton during the summer months to enjoy the beautiful beaches found along the lake.

Young Harris is one of the largest small towns surrounding Blairsville, with a population of over 1,000. Home to the Young Harris College, this vibrant town consists of an excellent selection of dining options and bars.

If you’re seeking the tranquility that only a small, rural town can provide, then look no further. Blairsville is one of North Georgia’s top places to call home, and the friendly faces of current residents will welcome you with open arms. The gorgeous scenery surrounding the town provides the perfect setting to settle into a quieter, more simplistic life. The idyllic setting, combined with the amazing, small-town charm, makes Blairsville an obvious choice when considering moving to this beautiful North Georgia region!

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