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Gone are the days when businesses struggled to keep a record of the attendance and working hours of employees. Though the use of spreadsheets and manual paperwork is still prevalent, it is not the only solution. Technological advances have aided businesses in employee management. One of the most innovative yet advantageous discoveries was the use of fingerprints for identification. Most businesses install it to ensure that HR can do their job smoothly. The benefits brought by fingerprint time clocks for small business is noteworthy.

Advantages of Installing Fingerprint Time Clocks for Small Business

Using the cutting-edge technology of multispectral sensors, fingerprint time clocks scan employees’ fingerprints and record the information. There are numerous benefits of employing fingerprint time clocks for small business. Check out the advantages listed here before you consider it for your business.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the main concerns that plague the managers in business organizations. But with the aid of the fingerprint devices, nothing can be duplicated or faked. It is much more accurate than the older systems. Thus, it is possible to keep a note of each employee’s attendance with great accuracy.

  • Resolving Time Theft

Time theft is a serious issue that ultimately causes stress for HR. Not to mention, it also hampers the overall productivity of the business organization. However, the assistance of the fingerprint time clocks for small business ensures that employees cannot waste working hours frivolously. Even a 20-minute daily waste by each employee is enough to impact productivity.

  • More Productivity

Apart from eliminating the cost of personnel for noting the attendance of employees, the device also ensures that they transfer the correct data to the integrated payroll system. It aids in better management of the business. Also, it contributes to an increase in profits for the firm.

  • Unique Identification

Fingerprint time clocks for small business are a boon. It notes the fingerprints of each employee and stores the information as an algorithm for identification. However, there have also been some privacy concerns. Also, employees can ponder on the aspect of hygiene as numerous employees physically touch the device.

  • No Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a prevalent nuisance that has resulted in massive financial losses for companies. Often, employees express friendship by covering for each other. Using the fingerprint time clock can prevent that with ease. Each fingerprint is unique, and thus you cannot give a proxy for another.

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  • Extends to Remote Employees

If you are worried about monitoring of remote employees, then think about using fingerprint time clocks. It is easily integrated with mobile phones and enables employers to note attendance, clocking in and out times, irrespective of the location.

  • Increase Employee Accountability

An audit trail is a vital tool that assists in improving employee accountability. If the information is accurate and irrefutable, you can hold specific employees responsible for their behavior. It can also offer the employees the opportunity to redeem themselves and provide their best.

  • Job Satisfaction for Employees

Job satisfaction is an essential factor that ensures maximum productivity. The fingerprint time clock allows managers and employers to take note of employees that do overtime and reward them accordingly. Absence of this can cause a decrease in morality and an increase in resentment among employees. After all, everyone desires recognition in their professional career.


Fingerprint time clocks provide peace of mind and avert privacy concerns. The software uses algorithms to store the employee fingerprints and is safe from hackers.

We hope you found this blog post Top 8 Benefits of Using Fingerprint Time Clocks for Small Business useful. Be sure to check out our post 7 Remote Employee Onboarding Tips for more great tips!


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