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Moving is unquestionably a huge business. In fact, IBISWorld projects that the US moving sector will produce $18 billion in 2023 alone.

Creating new moving leads is the most critical component of expanding your moving business. To grow your moving company’s client base and revenues, you must determine which moving lead suppliers generate the greatest quality moving leads.

In this blog, you will come across the top 6 essential steps to take in order to generate leads for your moving company.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for a moving company is one of the most vital factors to generate more leads. SEO is improving your moving company’s website so that it appears in Google’s SERP when someone searches for movers in their city.

SEO is not always easy and might be costly but, when it comes to generating leads for your moving company, it offers significant advantages.

Digital marketing has significantly replaced traditional marketing. 

If you believe that hiring a business for SEO is too expensive, consider starting with the lowest package initially. You at least want to be discovered when people search for your company’s name. If you know nothing about websites or fundamental SEO, inquire about your SEO company’s less-priced possibilities. 

  • Google Ads

Google Ads are advertisements at the very top of certain search results where consumers may only call your firm directly.

You can pick certain terms relating to your moving business through targeting advertising. When any prospective client searches for that particular term on Google, your business will display at the top of all the search results. This will increase the chance of user clicking the ad and becoming your lead.

In addition to this, geo-target allows you to tailor your advertising to a specific geographical place. This will allow that your ad is only visible to users who are likely to be interested in what your businesses are offering and can easily reach you.

  • Use your moving trucks like a billboard

Use your branded moving trucks to reach out to a number of people and generate leads for your business..

When a large local event, such as a local concert, occurs, find a legal parking spot so that attendees can see your truck as they walk by or attend the event.

Locate a local freeway or well-used route, and once again, find a legal area to park your vehicle so that your neighbourhood can see it. Consider making arrangements with businesses or landowners to park your trucks during peak hours.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Your previous customers and referrals can surely be one of your easiest leads. There is little competition since these moving prospects have either had a previous report with your organization or a personal reference from someone who has utilized you.

When our previous customers and referrals contact you , somewhere in their head they are sure that they will choose your services.

All you need to do is, provide highly unique and amazing services and keep on sending them monthly emails about your packages. Ensure you send them personalised emails. So they feel they are special. 

Keeping in touch with real estate agents, property managers, home lenders, and others via email is also a wonderful method to stay top of mind and continue receiving referrals.

  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing and Retargeting

The moving industry and retargeting are a natural fit, and here’s why:

The process of selling a home and moving into a new one might take many months. If you have retargeting enabled on your website, your moving business will be visible throughout a prospect’s whole process, from start to finish.

Retargeting occurs via Google Ads, which appear on millions of other people’s websites, and via Facebook Ads, which appear within Facebook and Instagram.

This is a simple process. You need to add a certain code to your website which is given by facebook and Google. In a retargeting campaign, When somebody visits your website, they start seeing your ads on all websites that display google ads, facebook ads or Instagram ads. 

  • Yelp

Yelp is a widely known are preferred platform with millions of users. If you have a strong presence on Yelp, you can reach a  wider audience. Just like Google, Yelp provides users with social proof in the form of reviews further increasing the trust and credibility factor. 

It also offers you value-added target advertising opportunity. The best part is if you have a strong presence on Google and Yelp, it results in improved Search Engine Optimization also. Your moving company will appear more prominently in search results. 

  • Branding


Your logo should be established when you initially start your firm, but it’s never too late to beef it up if you’re an older company.

Your brand image is critical, especially in the moving sector, because advertisements and promotional messages might not always reach individuals who require moving services at the time. Those who read your message or contact with your firm when they don’t precisely need services are more likely to recall you when the time comes that they do.

You’ll be shocked at how many direct leads you get in the long run from folks who have seen your trucks, clean-cut staff in uniform, come across your facebook page, have your business card, have visited your website, or have seen your email, etc.

You may not feel so but branding plays a crucial role in generating leads.

  • Networking

Networking with real estate experts and other professionals involved in the house purchasing / renting process,  is an excellent approach to generate referral leads for your moving firm.

You may connect with these folks online via Facebook, LinkedIn, and email marketing. You may also meet these folks at real estate events.

You should also consider employing a salesman who already has relationships in the real estate market. 

Furthermore generating leads for a moving company can be a daunting task, but if you use the right strategies in long term, you can see immense growth. You need to explore and understand your target audience and customize your marketing methods.Putting special focus on digital marketing methods like Google ads, SEO, social media, mailers can help you reach the potential customers and generate leads.

We hope you found this blog post on Top 8 Strategies to generate leads for moving companies useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Do I Find Trustworthy Moving Companies Near Me? for more great tips!

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