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Whether you are moving from home to college or shifting places, this can be stressful. Moving expenses can shoot up very fast. This could cause unnecessary stress when on a small budget. 

Saving hassles and time when moving can be a great experience. You can move easily without compromising your convenience. Here are ten life-saving tips for moving in and out of college.

Sell the excess items before moving to college

You can sell excess items and make some money when moving. Gather valuable items that you no longer use. Establish if they are worth the cost and the moving time. If not, sell them and use the cash to settle your moving expenses.

Consider an estate sale or a garage sale. You can also use online apps or list the items on a social media page within your community. Settle deals with friends and family using barter trade. 

College moving is a key stage in life and a physically difficult process. You can even sell old books and raise more money to order assignments online. I remember a time I needed to move to a new dormitory. I had to pay someone to do my assignment, which was due in a few days. You can find help from EduBirdie and continue with your moving arrangements. Quality and time saving are the key advantages of seeking writing help from professionals. 

Donate some items

Perhaps you have bulky items that are difficult to sell. Create a list of all items to give out as donations. Identify thrift shops in your area and donate through them. Some shops are very easy to access when driving. They can let you drive through the main doors up into their hallway.

Hand over the items to a designated person and get a receipt. To save money through a donation, ask for an itemized receipt. This will help you to write off your donation on your taxes. 

Moving back home from college means that you may no longer need some college items. Most of them end up in trash or dumpsters. Donating such items to goodwill is the best way to get rid of them. Some donation centers can sell the items in the network of retail stores or online. 

Pack important college dorm items

When packing, ensure you don’t forget anything. Packing in advance is a great way to avoid leaving out some things. Start packing the previous day or a few hours in advance. Focus on items that you can easily forget. 

Empty your cabinets and leave them open. Leaving the cabinets open acts as a reminder that you have checked all of them. You can also create a list and then start packing the essentials. Include the important documents and personal items. Some of the essentials to include in your list include:

  • Your wallet, insurance card, and ID card
  • Desk fan
  • First aid kit
  • Bedside lamp
  • Bathrobe, sandals, and bath towels
  • Pillows, comforter, and large bed sheets
  • Wall mirror
  • Water bottle and travel mug
  • Extension cords
  • Pictures and posters to enhance the comfort of your living area
  • Disinfecting wipes

Establish the access points

There have been cases of inability to go through doorways. Some large items may not go through the stairs. Measuring access points in advance could help you avoid making such mistakes. 

Measure the rooms’ dimensions in your new space. Take note of the heights and the width of the door frames, hallways, and stairwells. If you are moving far away, find out if your new seller or landlord can provide the information. After determining what can’t, you can decide what to leave behind and what to move with. 

Decide whether to hire movers

Deciding whether to hire movers is critical, especially if you are looking to save money. Instead of calling your friend for help, it is better to hire professionals. However, this depends on how bulky your items are.

Ask yourself if your friends can move heavy furniture. Estimate the amount of money you are going to save by asking your friends for help. Whether to hire movers or not depends on the value of your furniture.

Movers are a little costly, but they are worth every penny. If you have complicated items to move, professionals will take care of them. They are also fast, efficient and convenient. 

Find out the items available in your new place

Communicate with your roommate to get more information about the new dorm. Some dorms will come with electronics and furniture. No need to carry a microwave if the room already has one. 

Some dorms are equipped with a dresser, a twin-size bed, and a study desk. Others come with a small fridge which is good enough for your living. Avoid moving with things you don’t need or will never use. 

Save space and money by agreeing with our roommate on what to bring. Most dorm rooms are not huge, so it is better to have fewer items. 

Avoid overbuying things for the new dorm

If you are moving on a budget, it is important to avoid overspending. Focus on buying only the things you will need at the new place. There is no need to start decorating the place immediately.

Buying less at the point of moving is a great way to save money. Stay on track and spend carefully while moving. Avoid short-term impulse buying. This may cause you to buy unnecessary items and increase your moving costs.

Compare prices to get better deals

If you want to save money when moving, there are many ways to cut spending. College moving could allow you to buy things at a lower price. Some service providers may have special offers, so take advantage of that.

Don’t fall into the hands of sellers who promise very low prices. Seek satellite providers offering special packages for movers. Find out the cost of the plan after the expiry of the special offer. Understand the contractual terms and compare different offers. 

Just before moving, cancel your internet and TV services. Using your phone’s Wi-Fi could help you to manage your budget effectively. 

Reuse your available packing materials

Packing materials come with a cost. Instead of buying large rolls of packing materials, use the readily available materials. Using household items to pack household goods is convenient and can help you to save money. 

To save more money on packing materials, wrap your glassware using socks. You can also separate your plates using kitchen towels. There is no need to buy moving boxes. Use online sites to look for people who may be donating them. 

Leverage original packaging and transfer items that came in them. You can also use old boxes to pack fragile items. 

Use portable containers to plan for contingencies

Some colleges use services to make arrangements for storage. This may apply to students who live on campus. Another storage option could include renting a storage unit. In this case, you will be responsible for putting your items there. 

Storage and moving containers are convenient for moving between terms. They are also good if you want to relocate fast. Such containers worked very well when students needed to move due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moving containers are good for long-distance relocation after you are through with your studies. 

With container services, the service providers can deliver the container right where you are. They will pick it up after you load it. The service providers will take the portable container to the nearest center for safekeeping. Find out from your university management about the container delivery service. 


College moving is inevitable, so you need to take time to plan. Having a good plan makes the moving process easier and saves time. It gives you more time to settle and think of how to improve the new place. By practicing the above tips, you will have a great experience and enjoy the new environment.

We hope you found this blog post College Moving: 10 Life-Saving Tips for Moving In and Out useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving to a Dorm: 7 Tips If You Want to Pack & Move Yourself for more great tips!

6 Tips For a Hassle-Free Move To College

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