Building your very own custom home is extremely exciting and can be the beginning of an adventurous new chapter in your life. With a custom home, your limitations with creative design go down so you have tremendous freedom to add all kinds of design features that may not be possible in the average suburban house. Here are some unique ideas that will boost the value of your custom home and make it a fantasy to live in. 

couple building their custom home

Spa or Steam Room 

A spa or steam room has many benefits from allowing the body to relax and detox to even being a space of quiet contemplation. Most homes cannot boast of having a spa room so if you are passionate about wellness and self-care, consider investing in building one. You can build it on the outside of your house in conjunction with a pool and outdoor sitting area or simply on its own in the backyard. A spa room can be shared with friends and family on weekends or in the holiday season and will be highly appreciated by everyone. 

A High-Tech Laundry Room 

A laundry room is a necessity but not every house has the space and the creative design to have a really aesthetic and beautiful laundry room. Create a space that is very functional with closets, great appliances, ironing spaces and so forth so your family can enjoy a hassle-free experience of doing laundry whenever required. Doing the laundry tends to be a chore most people want to procrastinate and avoid so having a gorgeous space can make this task easier. A spacious laundry room with warm lighting, ventilation and maybe some refreshing décor will also encourage younger children to take up the chore and provide some relief to their parents. 

Taller Ceilings & Open Plan Designs

In a custom home you can choose any kind of layout you want. Go the extra mile by building taller ceilings with skylights to give a more designer feel to your home and to flood it in natural light. An open plan design is very practical and some even say it is easier to clean and declutter since it is one big space that encompasses various purposes instead of many separate rooms. The most common open plan design opens up the kitchen, TV lounge and dining area although it can include the foyer as well and many people like to have outdoor dining and sitting spaces that can be easily integrated with the interior using walk-in windows. 

Taller ceilings visually increase the expanse of the house and make it easier to have additional storage, an attic, large windows, more lighting fixtures and design elements like rafters. Open plan designs encourage the family to spend more time together and they make it easy for one space to transition to the next for example a mother can cook while keeping an eye on her children watching television or studying. Open plans are encouraged for larger families with multiple children and pets as well. 

A Smart Home

Building a smart home has a ton of benefits from increased security to every manner of convenience. A smart house means you can monitor security concerns, automate features and tasks in the house from the lighting to other chores. Smart thermostats and locks are just some of the features you can enjoy even remotely as you can access all this information from a mobile device. If you are building a custom home, make sure to make it a smart home to lessen some of the burden of managing a house. 

Add Eco-Friendly Touches 

Custom home builders will tell you that you have full jurisdiction on the materials used in the build so you can source responsibly such as wood from sustainable forests or reclaimed marble, tile or slate. Building an eco-friendly house also includes other conscious choices such as having a vegetable garden, plenty of plants, solar paneling for renewable energy, a green roof, a system for rainwater harvesting and so forth. When it comes time to interior decorate you can use preloved décor and upcycle it or buy décor and furniture from vintage stores. 


You are building your own custom home so there is a lot of leeway for creating convenience keeping your future in mind. Create plenty of storage such as a separate store room, garage, attic or basement. You will thank yourself in the future as your kids grow up and your storage needs increase! 


A custom home design is a blank slate for all your practical and creative needs and it is an incredibly thrilling undertaking to be building your own and filling it with things you like. You can be unique and personalized to the maximum with the design of a custom house which is really the best part about owning one.

We hope you found this blog post on Unique Ideas For Designing Your Custom Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips For Building Your Custom Dream Home for more great tips!

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