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Sorting and organizing your personal items can be one of the most trying, not to mention indecision-provoking parts of everyday life, let alone moving! This guide below from Walsh Brothers Shoes is designed to help you get ready for moving, organize your shoes for moving, and make sure your footwear is looked after every step of the way.

Some Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Shoe Closet

Before You Start Packing

1.   Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean Before You Move

We so rarely properly clean our shoes because it’s a bit harder to pop them in with our weekly laundry. Make a habit shift that coincides with your move and prep all of the shoes you’ll be bringing to your new home so they’re clean and ready for this next chapter. Depending on the fabric, every pair in your collection will have individual care needs so make sure you’re conditioning leathers, gently handling satin, and de-mucking muddy runners or outdoor shoes.

2.   Now’s the Time to Cull Your Collection

Moving is the ideal time to review your shoes, try them on and see what you need. If it’s a pair that truly brings you joy, then do keep them, but if they’re a practical style you had to buy for a job you hated then don’t bring them with you to your new home. For high quality shoes that you wear season after season, consider putting them in for repair with a cobbler so you’re reinvesting in a beloved item that’s earned its place in your closet (and on your feet). For an extra organizational boost, why not use this same thinking and declutter all your belongings?

3.   Consider Selling or Donating Unwanted Pairs

If you’ve amassed a considerable collection of in-demand styles and brands yet barely wear them, now’s the time to sell them and make some money back. You can sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace while luxury and designer footwear is often accepted at consignment stores. For lightly worn and outgrown kids shoes, these can make a good donation to charity stores — just check with their representative to ensure they’re accepting footwear. Use any money you make back for that new pair you’ve been looking at or to invest in some shoe storage (see below).

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During packing

4.   Assess Your Storage Items and Order Anything You Might Need

You’ll rarely have the same storage systems between houses. Whether that’s related to built-ins or your furniture not fitting into a new home. Knowing what you need in advance will make a huge difference to your overall organization for a number of reasons. Not only will it minimize headaches when you arrive — and everything requires unpacking and storage solutions — this will enable you to order storage that suits the room or closet. Plus, you can also look at shoe-specific options such as clear shoeboxes, racks, or space saving under bed storage.

5.   Manage Your Packing In Terms Of Usage Timelines

To simplify your move, assess your packing based on what you’ll need. Decide which shoes you’ll need immediately and which pairs will go into storage. If you’re coming up on a change of season or you’re moving to a new climate altogether, there are pairs that just might not need immediate unpacking. To organize your shoes for moving, why not create an organized list of your collection outlining where each pair is packed rather than having to manage this task again when you arrive?

6.   Remember to Put Your Must-Have Pairs In a Bag For Easy Access When You Arrive

We’ve all been in that situation where we move and then have absolutely no idea where anything is! Rather than have to shell out for some emergency runners for your morning run, use a moving checklist that includes packing an overnight bag with your everyday personal essentials including those most-worn and must-have pairs. Combine this with an ‘Open First Box’ and your first few days will be much easier!

When you arrive at your new home

7.   Unpack and Get Settled Into the New Space

Start unpacking straight away and don’t let those pesky mystery piles or junk rooms accumulate. How many people do you know who still have those boxes in their garage or attic from a house move years ago? Make it fulfilling and allocate resources to getting set up easily so you can settle in quickly. Create a rewards system for this and treat yourself, even to just a small item for the house, that will incentivize you to get the job done.

8.   Try a Decorator’s Hack to Save Space

Getting set up means decorating. Therefore, consider the decorative value of ‘had to have’ yet ‘impossible to wear’ or ‘too precious to wear’ shoes. If you’re lucky enough to have display space in your home or walk-in wardrobe, an easy decorating tip is to use a high-end pair of  shoes or a collector’s pair of sneakers as a showcase item. If the shoes are unworn, it’s a fun way to share your personality and justify keeping those shoes even if they’ve never made it out of the house. Plus if you’re short on space, consider an open shoe closet that stores your shoes all while saving you valuable closet real estate.

Best wishes For Your Move and Your New Home

To help you with extra pointers, the infographic below gives ideas for new shoe storage and a fun primer on organizing all your shoes. Happy unpacking!

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