Ocean Freight

The different modes of transport play a crucial role in a functional and effective supply chain landscape of a nation. Whether it be transportation by land freight, air freight, rail transportation, or ocean freight, every medium of transportation has an important role to play. 

Waterways transport is the most preferred form of transportation by large- businesses due to several positive factors. Its huge commodities carrying capacity at reasonable charges are just a few of the many reasons why waterways transportation is preferred over its counterparts. 

If you run a business and think waterways transport medium is for you, but want to explore more about it, then this article is for you. We have given precise but detailed information on the medium described above of transport for your better understanding. 

What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is by far one of the oldest and most popular alternatives to shipping goods internationally. Through this, large quantities of products are shipped to international markets via seas and oceans. According to reports, more than 85% of goods are sent via sea freight, aiding in a successful world trade. 

Typically, shipments above 100kgs are transported with the help of sea freight, as they charge reasonably and are effective in shipping large quantities of products over huge distances. 

Why Choose Sea Freight?

Sea freight is the best option if your business requires you to ship large quantities of products over large distances. The goods are packed in vessel containers and can accommodate several goods in them. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for sending large quantities of goods internationally, then also sea freight can be helpful for you. Let us look at what other factors make it the best option for your business. 

1] Sea Freight Facilitates In Foreign Trade 

Sea freight has been preferred for foreign trade since the olden times, and still today, it facilitates world trade immensely. Businesses, even today, prefer sea freight over air, rail, or road transportation for shipping their products worldwide. 

2] Sea Freight Are A Safe Method To Transport Large Amount Of Goods 

The ships or carriers used to ship products through seas and oceans are engineered to transport products safely. The goods are properly assembled in vessel containers and kept in an organized manner to avoid leakage or damage. For further protection, vessels are locked inside big containers to provide safety to a greater extent. 

3] Sea Freight Is A Sustainable Option 

Every day, innumerable products get shipped via different transportation mediums. This pollutes our environment to an immense level. Waterways freight is environment friendly as they leave less carbon footprint, i.e., they produce fewer emissions in the atmosphere. 

4] Sea Freight Is Cost Friendly 

Sea freight is the most cost-friendly option among its counterparts. They are economically viable for heavier cargo. This accounts for the fewer maintenance charges involved in sea freight. The charges are calculated based on per container. A container can accommodate several amounts of goods in it, thus reducing the cost of freight service by double folds compared to other modes. 

5] Fewer Regulations And Restrictions 

Through sea transportation, most products can be transported without any restrictions. On the other hand, other modes of transport need to have licenses to carry certain items, such as flammable goods, which are considered to be dangerous for air freight. Sea freight is designed to carry dangerous materials and also follow standard precautionary measures. 

Which Factors Affect The Price Of Sea Freight Services? 

Different factors determine the price charged by a sea freight service provider. The most interesting thing about them is that they do not charge the goods by weight but per volume. These common factors mainly determine the price of sea freight charges. 

  • Fuel price 
  • Shipment’s size
  • Exchange rates
  • Routing charges
  • Customs Brokerage 
  • Customs security charges
  • Insurance 
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Pickup and delivery charges

When Should You Go For Sea Freight Services? 

It makes sense to go for an international shipping company for sea freight services in the following circumstances. 

  • When the goods to be shipped are in bulk amounts. 
  • When you do not want to spend a large amount of money on shipping
  • When you have flexible delivery dates; i,e. You have extra time in hand for delivering goods, as sea freight might take more time. 
  • When you want to ship goods intentionally without the hassle of a lot of documentation and paper works. 

Are There Any Disadvantages Involved In Sea Transportation? 

Sea freight is undoubtedly the most preferred mode of transportation for large-scale businesses, but just like any other service, it involves a few cons or disadvantages along with a long set of advantages. Let us look at its few disadvantages if any. 

1] Sea Freight Are The Slowest Mode Of Transport 

Sea freight takes a very long time to deliver products. It takes about a month to ship products via waterways transport which takes around a week’s time by other modes, especially via air, the fastest mode of transport. 

2] They Are Less Reliable 

Sea freight transportation is less reliable when compared to other modes of transport. Due to several moving parts in the ocean carriers, the goods are subjected to mishandling and misplacement. Due to proper protocols followed in the land, air, and rail transport, goods are more safely commuted in other modes of transport. 

3] Unpredictable Shipping 

Another reason for delayed shipping through sea freight is because of adverse weather conditions, port congestion, customs delays, etc. This hampers the delivery status of goods and results in delayed and unpredictable shipping of goods. This condition can highly hamper your business, and you may encounter loss. 


Sea freight or waterways freight has been the most preferred mode of transport since ancient times. They offer reasonable and defective transporting solutions for large-scale businesses. Though they take more time, due to the affordability of their services, they still rule the arena of export and import business and aid in the growth of the nation’s economy.

We hope you found this blog post on What is Ocean Freight: A Complete Guide 2023 useful. Be sure to check out our post on Why Should I Choose Ocean Freight for My Shipment? for more great tips!

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