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Moving truck permits

If your truck is not registered by International Registration Plan (IRP), you will need to have trip permits to drive through certain states. An IRP agreement covers you in 48 states, the District of Colombia, and Canada and requires the truck driver to record the distance traveled in each state and pay the appropriate fees for traveling through those states. 

Three types of vehicles do not need a trip permit: Government-owned vehicles, recreational vehicles used for personal travel, and chartered buses do not need a trip permit to travel between states.

 But, trucks that travel through different states need a trucking permit if:

  • The truck is not IRP registered
  • The vehicle weighs more than 26,000 pounds
  • The vehicle has two axles

This means that even though your truck may have two axles, you may not need a trip permit if it weighs less than 26,000 pounds. All states require a trip permit, but a few states have a few additional requirements that may or may not require a trip permit.  

Although we’ve got a little overview of a few of the extra credentials for some of the states, recommends checking each state website your truck travels through to see what types of permits you need. 


If your truck is traveling through Arizona, you must have a trip permit if your truck has two or more axles, regardless of weight. This means that the standard rule of 26,000 pounds does not apply in this instance, and you must obtain a permit if your truck has two or more axles. 


In California, all trucks must have a California trip permit to drive through the state unless they are transporting personal belongings. This means that the standard axle and weight rule does not apply. All trucks transporting cargo must have a trip permit. 


All trucks traveling through or moving to Nevada that weigh 10,0001 pounds or more must carry a trip permit to travel through the state. 

New Mexico

In New Mexico, if your truck is 12,001 pounds or more, you must have a trip permit. 

Other states require more than just a trip permit to travel through. Other permits can include fuel permits or mileage permits. When in doubt, do your research to check and see what permits are required for each state. If you do not have the proper permits it can result in fees from the Highway Patrol or the Department of Transportation.

We hope you found this blog post on What States Require Trip Permits for Trucks? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Long Distance Moving Made Simple for more great tips!

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