Your New Apartment

So, you’ve finally unpacked and officially moved into your new apartment; congratulations! We know how hard moving can be. But now it’s finally time for the fun part of moving into a new place – picking out art.

Art is the perfect way to bring life and character to your space and make your new apartment feel more like home. As a bonus, art has numerous psychological benefits. For example, did you know that looking at a beautiful or awe-inspiring work of art can lower stress and enhance our mental and physical well-being? It’s true! Art has the power to both uplift our mood and enhance the atmosphere of a room.

But where to find beautiful, unique art for your new apartment? We recommend checking out the following places.

Online Art Marketplaces

If moving has exhausted you and you want to look for art from the comfort of your apartment, check out online art galleries and marketplaces.

These platforms are the perfect way to discover talented emerging artists from around the world. There are literally hundreds of online art galleries to choose from, and you can browse through a vast selection of artwork and even commission custom pieces if you have a specific vision in mind.

Online art galleries like Singulart, UGallery, Artfinder, Minted, and many more offer a diverse range of artworks, from paintings to photographs to sculptures. Set your budget range, and browse, browse, browse until you find that perfect piece for your new apartment.

Local Art Galleries

If you’re willing to splurge, consider visiting art galleries in your area to discover both established and emerging artists.

Art galleries have a wide range of artworks and often curated collections that cater to different tastes and budgets. However, most galleries specialize in certain types of art or style, so you’ll find galleries with mostly contemporary works, impressionism, minimalism, etc.

We advise you first to check out the websites of all galleries you plan to visit so you can be aware of their price ranges. After all, artworks sold at galleries can be extremely expensive. Still, if you really love a piece, consider investing in it. Nothing beats having a beautiful work of art that speaks to your soul! 

Plus, when done right, art makes for a good investment because it holds its value over time.

Art Fairs and Festivals

Art fairs and festivals bring artists together, providing an opportunity to buy directly from them and support local talent. Not to mention, they often have some of the most unique pieces!

While going in blind at an art festival can be exciting, we recommend doing some research before attending. See if the festival or fair in question sells the type and style of art you like, and, if possible, check out the price ranges.

This is the perfect time to discover promising new artists and get something truly unique for your new place. Many new artists use art fairs and festivals as platforms to showcase their work, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find affordable yet amazing work here.

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the art, attend artist talks and workshops, ask questions, and be open to exploration.

Antique Stores

If you’re on the lookout for something truly unique with a touch of history, check out your local antique stores.

Vintage artwork adds a touch of character to a room and really elevates the space when paired with vintage furniture and décor. Best of all, most antique shops offer a wide range of styles and periods, so whether you’re into classic landscapes, art deco, or abstract expressionism, you’re likely to find a piece or two that will match your taste.

When buying art from antique stores, take your time to browse through the collections, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most antique shop owners and traders love what they do and will gladly share everything they know about the artwork they sell. Their insights can point you in the right direction and add depth to your understanding of the work.

On the Street

Feeling spontaneous? Check out your local street artists! 

Buying art on the street is an opportunity to support local talent and bring home a unique piece that captures the spirit of the community. Here, you’re likely to find a wide variety of styles and mediums, from abstract paintings to portrait drawings to handmade crafts, so take your time and explore the different corners and artists.

Another great thing about street art is that it’s typically (although not always) more affordable. And even if you find something you love but it’s out of your budget, you can try haggling and negotiating the price.

It’s worth mentioning that while street art can be amazing, it’s important to respect the artists’ rights and local regulations. So, when buying art on the street, ensure that the pieces you’re purchasing are legally created and sold.

We hope you found this blog post on Where to Buy Art for Your New Apartment useful. Be sure to check out our post on The New Apartment Checklist for First-Time Movers for more great tips!

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