Did you know that your choice of bag always matters?

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags are containers made of thick polyethylene material. They measure 45-48 inches in diameter and 39-79 inches in height. They’re designed to store and transport products and materials like sand and granules.

Other things that are commonly stored in these bags include:

  • Food products
  • Grains
  • Chemicals
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Construction material
  • Fiberglass

FIBC bags are designed to carry stuff that weighs about 4,000 pounds in total. They have solid and flexible walls and can take and store bulky goods on the go. To suit the needs of specific clients, some FIBC manufacturers make tailor-made bags with specialized dimensions for optimal storage and carrying capacity.

As you can tell from the list, these bags come in a variety of types to suit specific needs.

Types of FIBC Bags

Depending on the job you’re handling, you may need a specific type of FIBC bag. The most used types are:

  • U-panel: This is a type of FIBC bag made by sewing together two pieces of fabric that are almost U-shaped. This expands into a square once fully filled with material.
  • Circular: This FIBC bag is made on the loom, and many consider it the lowest quality bulk bag. The middle part tends to bulge out from the pressure of the stuff it carries. It’s mainly used for material that only needs minimal handling and protection.
  • Baffle: This bulk bag has a cubical shape consisting of four fabric pieces. These are sewn into tubular sides and then joined to help maintain the shape and prevent it from stretching. This also allows the baffle bag to have better efficiency and enhanced stability. It’s also stackable, making it a good choice for high amounts of heavy-duty material.

Regardless of which one you pick, you must get them from a high-quality manufacturer to get the best storage and carrying capacity.

What Makes FIBC Bags Great For Moving?

Here’s a quick run-through of the reasons why they’re perfect for moving:

1. They’re Flexible

Since they’re made of durable material that can stretch, you can pack many of your belongings, like clothes and memorabilia, in them when you move to another location. This same level of practicality makes it useful for moving office machinery and supplies, as well. 

Other features that make them more flexible include:

  • Their carrying capacity
  • Customizable sizes
  • The fact that they can transfer a wide range of products, including:
    • Agricultural supplies
    • Food-grade products
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Consumable and flammable goods
    • Mining products
    • Metals

Plus, their durability makes them last a couple of years of use. They provide a great way to keep your materials or supplies intact for any purpose.

2. They’re Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is transforming industries, making them more interested in using materials that have a low impact on the environment. This is another reason why FIBC bags are a great choice. They’re usually made with virgin polypropylene, which makes them reusable and recyclable. That means lower net consumption of fuel in their manufacturing and distribution. Add their durability, and you get an eco-friendly tool that also delivers on its usage.

3. Filing And Discharging Them Is Easy

You may be planning to move many items at once. That may involve the use of specialized equipment to package or offload them. 

These are already taxing things in themselves. So, you should at least make sure your packing and storing tools are up to par. 

FIBC bags do just that and more. Their flexibility, sturdiness, and ease of handling come together for great filling and discharging options.

Some of the filing choices you can go for include:

  • Duffle top
  • Open top
  • Skirt top
  • Flap top

Meanwhile, common bulk discharge types include:

  • Duffle bottom
  • Discharge spout
  • Diaper bottom
  • Plain bottom
  • Iris closure
  • Discharge spout with flap

As mentioned before, FIBC bags come with a level of durability that suits heavy-duty purposes. This means you can safely move them with the use of:

  • Forklifts
  • Specialized unloading stations
  • Screw conveyors

When you work with FIBC bags, you can rest assured that items are safe from rough handling, bumping, and falling over. They make for great implements in any setting.

4. They Let You Save More In The Long Run

Using FIBC bags is also a more cost-effective solution compared to other packaging materials like boxes. Depending on the design and supplier, they can be more affordable than new boxes. Furthermore, they’re a smarter choice for moving things in bulk. Why waste money on several carton boxes when you can do the job with a few FIBC bags?

Another factor that makes them cost-effective is that you can easily recycle them. Once you’ve bought them, you can use them repeatedly. This can help you save more than purchasing low-quality and temporary bags whenever you want to move.

5. They Save On Space

When moving items from one location to the next, you’d want all of them to fit at once. This is especially needed if you want to avoid making several trips, which are not only tiresome but also fuel-consuming if it’s a long-distance move. To maximize your carrying space, use FIBC bags.

These bags can bend and stretch depending on what’s inside without warping and tearing. Some can even be stacked with ease thanks to their durability. You can safely pack materials or products to the brim in every haul.


6. They’re Easy And Quick To Transport

This goes right from the previous point. Their flexibility and space coverage make FIBC bags easy to move and pack. They can easily withstand many lifting options, are easy to load and offload, and save you a lot of time, money, and energy during hauls. As long as you have the right bags with you, you’re good to go.

Know Which Containers To Pick

If you want to save on fuel, moving costs, time, and energy, while also getting a tool you can stack and reuse for a long while, FIBC bags are a good choice. There’s a reason why you can easily find them in heavy-duty settings. With these nifty implements, moving material around is always easy. Consider using them for the next move.

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