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Southern California has some of the best places to live in. One such place is Irvine in Orange County, which is 85 miles away from San Diego and 45 miles from Los Angeles. The downtown area in this place is buzzing with activity, having more than 100 worldwide corporations. It is also an excellent place for residents, and if you are planning to relocate here, you can choose from several luxurious Irvine homes. Here are some reasons to move to Irvine.

Reasons To Move Into Irvine

  1. Excellent business center– 1/3rd of the Fortune 500 companies in the world have their offices here, making it a wonderful place to make a livelihood
  2. Very comfortable temperatures– In August, when most of the Northern Hemisphere reels under a heat wave, temperatures here go up to only 71 degrees. Similarly, the lowest temperature in January is only 56 degrees. Rainfall of about 11-13 inches is received through the entire year.
  3. High levels of safety– According to FBI, for cities of more than 100,000 residents, Irvine has shown the Lowest Violent Crime Rate in America for 11 years running
  4. Southern California food– Farm-to-table dining is very common here, ensuring that you always consume the freshest possible food at restaurants. BCD Tofu House, Bistango, and Houston’s are some of the best restaurants to try here.
  5. Environment friendly city– Several green projects have been enforced here, one of them being a 20 year energy plan to make more use of renewable sources of energy and reduce greenhouse emissions. It also has several acres of green parks.
  6. Very clean– You will find few cities in the USA as clean as Irvine.
  7. Easy accessibility to office– All the things you need to buy for daily living are easily accessible in Irvine. You will also not take much time to get to the office due to very low levels of traffic.
  8. Affordable housing– Houses in NYC and other cities in America are much more expensive than Irvine, despite having similar features. Counties such as Orange County have all the necessary amenities, including markets, swimming pools, gyms, laundry, and more.
  9. Very fashionable– Irvine is full of people who love to adorn the latest fashion trends. In fact, the luxury clothing company St. John Kits is present right here.
  10. Place for car aficionados– Lots of car enthusiasts live in this city, because of which several auto events such as the Cars and Coffee Irvine are organized here. You will see all kinds of cars at this event, from Hot rods to concept cars, restored classics, and more.

These are all good reasons to move to Irvine. To live in the exciting city of Irvine, you will need to search for the best Irvine homes for sale. Selling high quality homes is one service which a reputable real estate company can provide, although home sales in Irvine face fluctuating demand throughout the year.

Irvine is a great place to look for town homes and condos, which have several units within the same complex or building. These homes have common areas which are shared by homeowners in the area. Condos are part of a Home Owners’ Association, also known as a HOA. The HOA looks after the maintenance of various complex amenities.

Adequate Space

Space is never a constraint in these condos. Even with just two bedrooms and two bathrooms, you will get more than 1000 square feet of space. Suitable parking space is also allotted to every home owner.  High quality European style slab counters can be found in the kitchen. All the luxury living amenities are provided to homeowners. For group activities, indoor basketball courts, billiard rooms, a club house, BBQ with picnic areas, and more are available. Markets will always be in walking distance, with beautiful green parks available as well.

Use The Internet Wisely

Most of the information about the homes on sale in Irvine is given in detail on the Internet. However, it is up to your discretion to understand this information correctly and be able to judge which homes would best suit your budget and your lifestyle requirements.  The Internet will only help you get a broad overview of the property, but it is not enough to seal the deal. In order to understand the home better, you must visit the property and get a first hand feel.

Buy Your First Home

If this is the first home you are looking to buy, you will need to be cautious on a number of fronts. It is first important to know the type of home you will be able to afford, not just today but for the future as well. Make sure you are aware of the pricing trends in Irvine, to get your hands on a good deal and to ensure that you are not conned by any real estate company. Do not forget, maintenance costs must also have an important part in deciding the type of house you purchase after you move to Irvine.

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