Non-Constructible Land

Nevertheless, it is not illogical to be interested in the cost of non-constructible land because such land can make a good investment.

In general, different situations can justify the purchase of non-constructible land :

  • A non-constructible land allows you to enjoy outdoor recreation. You are free to make it a playground, a space to camp with your children, or why not to fish there (if the land has a pond).
  • You can absolutely plant a vegetable garden on your non-constructible land.
  • If you take advantage of building land at a low price (as is often the case), the financial risk of such an investment is low. In the worst case, the land will take little value, but will not cost you any money. This is why many people advise against selling land that cannot be built on, especially near a city.
  • There may be ways to generate income from unbuildable land, for example in the form of paid parking spaces.
  • Let’s not deny either that land that cannot be built on is sometimes a speculative investment. If by some miracle the land becomes constructible, you will have made a huge capital gain!

Despite everything, we do not recommend that you inquire about non-constructible land if your wish is to have it built. In the majority of cases, you simply risk never being able to build.

If you want to buy land to build a house, the best thing to do is, logically, to invest in building land!

If there is a lack of building land in your area, a solution may be to buy a house in ruins, demolish or to renovate it. Be careful though, the cost of demolishing a house represents a budget that must be calculated carefully! And to do that, you can enlist the assistance of Agriculture Mortgages, a company that is familiar with the financial and logistical challenges associated with expanding a business in a rural area.

How to make money with non-constructible land? 

The purchase of land is often conditional on a real estate project, such as the rental of an apartment or a house. Naturally, such an option is impossible with the purchase of non-building land.

In general, land that cannot be built on is often unusable, since you cannot create real estate there. Many do not find the interest to buy it. However, there are different ways to exploit non-constructible land, or even generate income from it.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of buying non-building land:

Planting or breeding

Sometimes land that cannot be built on has certain advantages for farmers and ranchers.

You can consider renting non-constructible land to farmers if your land is agricultural:

  • They can find a use for your land, by converting it into arable land.
  • Non-constructible land can also be used as pasture for a breeder of cattle or any other animal.

At a time when outdoor breeding is more sought after than ever, the purchase of non-constructible land in the countryside can quickly be interesting.

Also, don’t forget that you can build a vegetable garden on land that cannot be built on it. This will not necessarily provide you with income, but can allow you to produce fruits and vegetables for free!

Please note: the purchase of agricultural land is often reserved for farmers. Finding cultivable land to farm or rent is therefore not necessarily easy.

Create parking spaces

If your land is in the middle of the city, you can transform non-constructible land into a parking lot. This is to check beforehand:

  • That the municipality authorises the development of a parking lot on the land,
  • That there may be a demand for parking at the site location.

You are then free to rent the parking lot, at least or by the hour, depending on the logistics you are ready to put in place.

Namely: there are now mobile applications that allow you to easily rent a parking space in large cities.

Receive seasonal businesses

You are free to rent your non-constructible land to traders. The idea is quite interesting if your land is near a busy area, or at least at the crossroads of several villages.

As such, you must give priority in particular to:

  • Vending machines (pizza vending machine, bread vending machine, potato vending machine, etc.),
  • nomadic businesses,
  • Fast food and food trucks.

A merchant can rent your non-constructible land to you regularly if he finds it in his interest. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you are free to invest in a vending machine to generate your own income.

But, as always, remember to check beforehand that there is interest in the location of the land.

Create a recreation ground

Just because your land doesn’t have a building doesn’t mean you can’t rent it. Land that cannot be built on can be rented out as recreational land or as a campsite.

To do this, you simply need to check with the municipality what authorizations are required to rent the land. Naturally, your non-constructible land must also have a particular interest:

  • A pond (for fishing or swimming),
  • A superb view,
  • Sports equipment, etc.

As always, not all land that cannot be built on can be rented. It is still necessary that there is a local market… and that the ground is worthy of interest!

Produce green energy

Land that cannot be built on tends to be large and open, and therefore benefit from a good exposure. This type of land can thus be prized by companies producing green energy, in particular wind turbines or photovoltaics.

Obviously, you will have to take some steps with your municipality to obtain authorization to operate your land for this type of activity. That said, the authorization for this kind of activity is much easier to obtain than a building permit. The larger the space, the more profitable it is.

Of course, not just any land can produce green energy. So always remember to prepare your purchase of non-constructible land well to avoid disappointment!

We hope you found this blog post on Why Should You Buy Non-Constructible Land? useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Facts About Land Investing to Make You Rethink Real Estate for more great tips!

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