Austin, Texas

Reasons Why You Should Move to Austin, Texas

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they decide whether or not they want to move house. Some opt to stay close to their friends and family, while others pack up and choose to move state or even to another country. The question of where to move to can be difficult, especially with so many amazing cities across the USA. If you are about to move long distance, Austin should definitely be considered! 

Have you considered moving to Austin, Texas, one of the most exciting places in the Lone Star State? To make this decision easier for you, this guide has been created. Read on now as to why moving to Austin might just be the best idea.

Best Live Music Scene in the World 

Did you know that the capital of Texas is widely considered to be the best place to see live music? Whether it’s at the South by Southwest festival, Austin City Limits Festival or at one of the more than 250 music venues across the city. There is more per capita than any other city in the entire country.

It’s easier than ever to simply walk down the street and find a great gig. While this industry, and the city in general, has been battered somewhat by the coronavirus pandemic, there are lots of incentives from the local government to support this scene, meaning that a comeback is highly imminent. 

A Creative Independent Film Industry 

Atlanta and LA are usually considered to be the epicenters of the American film scene. However, it can be argued that true independent cinema is focused in this city. Richard Linklater filmed his iconic hipster comedy Slackers in the city, while Wes Anderson — just finishing in Cannes with The French Dispatch — studied at Austin University. This means that the city can still be a deeply attractive option for those interested in independent film. 

No State Income Tax in Austin

If you want to make your money go further in life, it helps to live in a state with no income tax. Thankfully for you, the Lone Star State is one of several states that does not impose any state-wide tax. Meaning, that if you do find a good job there, you will see that your money helps you far more. If you are looking to move for this reason, then perhaps you need some start-up capital. Take a look at loans in Austin, TX in order to learn more.  

Higher Salaries Than the US Average

As a booming economic hub with many international companies based there — including Dell, IBM, Indeed and the General Motors Corporation — the average salary in the city, clocking in at around $72,000 a year, is higher than the national average. More businesses are also looking to move to this area. Meaning, they are tired of paying high taxes like those experienced in California, making it a massive growth area. 

High Levels of Sunshine 

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the weather in Austin can be one of the most attractive reasons to move there. As a result of this great weather, you can expect to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether that is hiking, going to a BBQ or having a party with friends. Visitors only have to be cautious about the likelihood of extreme heat, which can cause all manner of health problems. 

Great Nature 

You can enjoy the aforementioned great weather of Austin in style due to the fact that there are many nature preserves and trails dotted near the city. This means that it is the perfect place for quick day trips to enjoy the power of natural beauty. Some natural wonders that you might expect to see are the Caprock Escarpment, the Big Thicket National Preserve, and Enchanted Rock. Likewise, you can find the Hamilton Pool, Jacob’s Well, Gorman Falls and many more. 


As you can see from the above points, there is a whole host of reasons to love Austin, Texas. It is one of the most attractive cities in the entirety of the USA. In fact, from music to nature to an affordable cost of living, it does truly seem that Austin has the complete package.

Before making the big move however, you might want to do some of your own research to see that if it is truly the right place for you. After all, cities are like people: it’s good to get to know them properly before you make the big commitment.

Nonetheless, even if you have never seen it before, there are few cities out there quite as nice as Austin. Consider this blog on the 7 Best Cities to Move to in 2021.


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