view of Central Park with New York skyline in background

New York is a must-visit spot for every traveler. By the way, it’s considered to be at the top of the most attractive destinations for those who come to America. That’s hardly surprising. The city boasts amazing architecture, magnifying history, and dozens of places of interest. Central Park is one such location.

If you come for the first time to New York, include it in the list. You can even download or buy a Central Park New York map. After all, it’s quite huge.

What about hints and tips for New York? Here are 10 spots to visit in Central Park.

1. Take a Gondola Ride

Central Park has a lot to offer. You can find here a Central Park bike rental, as well as a rowboat rental. If you are tired of riding a bike, change it for a gondola for a while and enjoy the magnificence of the park. Moreover, it’s very romantic. Your lover will be head over heels for you after this.

2. Visit John Lennon Memorial

Are there Beatles fans here? If you are one of them, John Lennon’s memorial will probably be the first spot in a Central Park walking route. In fact, Central Park is a must-visit for John Lennon lovers. He lived right across the street from the park in a building named “The Dakota”.

John Lennon memorial

3. Rejuvenate in the Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Central Park. Many happy couples come here to take some beautiful photos on their special day. In the garden, you will find much more than leafy trees and beautiful flowers. Fountains, sculptures, and even a pergola are waiting for you. Keep in mind: the place is officially designated as a Quiet Zone.

4. Have a Picnic Near the Harlem Meer

If you find yourself on Central Park North and Lenox Avenue entrance to the park, you are near the Harlem Meer. The place is so picturesque. You would like to spend a whole afternoon there. After that, you can come to the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. You can borrow a fishing pole there. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take the fish with you.

5. Check Out the Belvedere Castle

The castle can hardly be called “a castle”. It’s rather small. Nonetheless, the spot is magnificent. You can wander around and let your imagination take you to the era of knights and princesses. Alongside this, the place offers an amazing view. It’s definitely worth visiting.

central park concrete bridge

6. Enjoy a Musical Performance at the Amphitheater

Have you ever heard about Central Park events? There are many of them. A lot takes place at the amphitheater. There, you can find Metropolitan Opera performances, Philharmonic concerts, and Summerstage. Remember to buy tickets in advance. However, if you fail to do so, don’t worry. You can always enjoy music, sitting near the venue. Just close your eyes and let the sounds engulf you.

7. Spend Some Time in the Zoo

Who doesn’t like animals? Central Park is an ideal place to connect with nature. Apart from squirrels and birds, you can go to the Zoo. There, you will see leopards, lions, penguins, and many more. Apart from that, you can be lucky to enjoy a special show. They are held regularly.

8. Pass by the Dairy

Once you are done with the Central Park events, it’s time to go back to amazing architecture. The Dairy is a Victorian-style cottage. It’s located in the so-called Children’s district. Originally, the Dairy served ice cream and fresh milk in the 19th century. Later on, in 1979, it became the first Visitor’s Center in the park.

view of Central Park

9. Don’t Forget about the Carousel

What is the most favorite attraction in the park? The Carousel, right! Originally, it was built in 1908. The Carousel offers visitors 57 horses to ride seven days a week in summer. If you consider summer as the best time to visit New York, take a ride or two.

10. Take a Photo at the Statue of Balto Balto

The statue boasts a rich history. It’s dedicated to sled dogs, which participated in the Great Race of Mercy. You can easily find the statue if you leave the zoo and then cut over towards the center of the park.

Being a tourist in NYC is fun. You have a lot to do. What is your favorite destination in NYC?

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