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No matter what the market is doing at the moment, any homeowner who is choosing to sell their home wants to make sure of two things: they want their home to sell quickly and they want it to sell for the maximum amount. Sometimes when a house is in decent condition or located in a desirable neighborhood it’s enough for a quick sale. However, often the seller needs to make some home makeovers to help their home shine.

The key, however, is making sure that anything you do will give you the maximum rate of return. It’s not a good idea to spend money on a home you’re selling if the ROI turns out to be only half that. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to focus any makeovers you undertake on those areas that are going to garner the most attention, while also maximizing your rate of return.

Cosmetic makeovers:

These renovations that improve the surface of your home without being expensive or invasive – tend to get you the highest ROI. Does your home needs a little bit of sprucing up before a spring sale? Consider focusing on these 5 affordable makeovers to maximize your ROI and help catch buyers’ attention.

Paint Your Interiors

Whether you wield the brush yourself or you hire a painter, freshly painted walls can make a big difference in the way your home looks and is perceived. Neutral colors are usually a good choice when selling, as they create a blank canvas for the buyer to project themselves onto. If your home is particularly dark, using a cool white can also help make the space appear bigger. Opt for a slightly glossy paint for darker spaces and areas that may need to be wiped down quickly like kitchens. Choose a matte or eggshell paint for living spaces. Warm up the color a bit to a cream to make it look more inviting and make the space feel a little cozier.

Having your interiors professionally painted costs about $2 to $6 per square foot, so you can choose to have the whole house painted or just the most crucial areas, depending on your budget.

Carry Out a Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

Many people look to the kitchen when buying or selling a home. The kitchen needs to appear attractive, functional, and up to date. But full kitchen remodels can be expensive, as well as time consuming and invasive, with most full remodels taking up to 12 weeks to complete.

A cosmetic makeover, however, costs under $5,000 in most cases. Moreover, it can be done in as little as two weeks or less.

In a cosmetic makeover, only surfaces are given an upgrade. This may include new backsplashes and counters, painting cabinets, painting walls, and refinishing floors. It can also include using appliance paint to touch up existing appliances or replacing things like faucets and cabinet hardware. The idea is to make the kitchen look fresh and up to date. That way no matter how old it really is, it doesn’t look to the buyer like they’ll have to spend money immediately on renovations.

Install a New Garage Door

Garage doors get one of the highest ROI right now, coming in at 94.5% according to Remodeling Magazine. A new garage door can immediately improve your home’s curb appeal. It can also make your garage more secure, and make your entire property look more up to date and cared for.

New garage doors can be installed in as little as a few days, and cost on average between $500 to $2,000 completely installed. That makes this one of the more affordable investments you can make for your home. Likewise, it is guaranteed to pay for itself at time of sale.

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Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the places on your exterior where a potential buyer is going to focus. Making it stand out and look attractive can go a long way toward helping sell your home quickly. Painting your front door is also a quick and fairly inexpensive project to undertake. You can have it professionally done, or do it yourself for less. Choose a color that can complement the rest of your exterior color palette, while still standing out. Go for a glossy paint to help make sure it stays easy to wipe clean, so fingerprints and smudges don’t detract from its appearance.

Having your front door painted costs about $150, making this a very affordable project for most people.

Add Baseboards and Moldings Inside

One way to instantly improve your interiors is by adding some new baseboards and moldings to your rooms. If you don’t currently have any moldings, adding some can improve the appearance of the space instantly, giving it interest and depth. Do you already have moldings, but they’re small, out of date or not in good condition? Try replacing them with newer, more attractive versions can have the same effect.  Places to consider adding moldings, in addition to the baseboard, include crown moldings on the ceiling and on your cabinetry. Likewise, chair rail moldings, and even just newer, more decorative door and window trim.

You can add new crown molding throughout your home for under $4,000. Otherwise, just choose the most visible rooms to keep costs down.

Give Your Home an Affordable Makeover

There are many ways in which you can improve the appearance of your home prior to selling. Focusing on surface details, however, rather than full scale renovations can get the process done faster. Likewise, this can give you the biggest return on your investment. Complete one or all of these affordable makeovers to help your home stand out from the rest.

We hope you found this blog post 5 Affordable Makeovers to Complete Before You Sell Your Home useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Home Renovation Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 for more great information!


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