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Moving to a new home is a tedious process that involves a lot of planning and chores. Whether you are shifting to a nearby neighborhood or a different state altogether, the process will require weeks of your time and effort. Double the tension if you are a pet parent moving into a new home with your pet. Introducing and getting your pet dog or cat familiar with the new space is an arduous job as it requires a lot of patience. Another obstacle down the road might be physically moving your pet to the new home in a car or a truck. For instance, they might not be psychologically prepared to travel long distances. So here are five essential safety tips for moving with a pet that offer a hassle-free experience.

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1. Choose the appropriate restraint option

Safety should be your first concern as a pet parent while moving with a pet. Plan a few weeks in advance and choose a restraint option for your pet buddy to avoid accidents while hitting the road. It’s better to ensure all safety measures beforehand for both your and the pet’s safety. Depending upon your pet’s comfort, you can choose from a wide range of restraint options. If you think your cat or pup will be comfortable traveling in a crate, go for it. However, if that’s not working due to size restrictions, you may want to consider using harness seat belts instead. It’s better to get your pet familiar with the restraint option you choose. For this, take your pet for a short drive with the harness seat belt or walk them around the house in the crate to make them feel comfortable in it.

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2. Pack a pet bag for essentials

Here’s another safety tip that will make your trip a lot easier and stress-free. Pack a separate bag or a box with all your dog‘s essentials that they might need. It’s better to include all the essentials that will last for the duration of the journey and the first day in your new home. Placing the pet bag in a handy and easy to reach place such as the passenger seat would be good, as you might need it frequently during your trip. If you’re traveling for the first time with your pet, then here’s the list of things to pack in the pet bag.

  • Plenty of water and food
  • A water tray
  • Any regular medication prescribed by the veterinarian
  • Dog leashes and harnesses.
  • Favorite toys and blankets.
  • Waste bags and disinfectant wipes, etc.

3. A comfortable interior environment is essential

Another essential aspect of a safer trip with your pet is keeping the interior of the vehicle comfortable and cozy for your pet buddy. For instance, you may like the AC to be high and chill in the car during summers, but your dog may not like it and act cranky. So make sure the AC and heating are set according to your pet’s comfort during summer and winter season. It’s ok to open the window for your dog to let in some fresh air. However, keep in mind that the window should not be down or to a level where the dog can fit its whole head out. Ensure that your dog is never left alone in the car without supervision, even if it is for a short duration.

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4. Never feed your pet right before the trip

It’s essential to keep up and maintain your dog’s usual schedule even when you are busy with the packing and moving stuff. However, on the day of moving, it’s better to alter the schedule according to the trip. For instance, feeding your dog right before you hit the road is not a good idea as it causes an upset stomach that may further lead to irritability and stress for both of you. Ideally,you should feed the pre-travel meal at least three hours before the journey. Apart from that, prepare  to make more pit stops than usual while traveling with your pet. You might delay your arrival time at the new home but make your pet’s journey comfortable.

5. Settling in

While you have figured out the traveling part, another crucial step in moving into a new home with your pet, your pet may feel overwhelmed while getting used to the new place. The best way to make your dog or cat feel comfortable is by introducing them to one room at a time. Initially, for a few days, you can allow your pet to adjust to one room in which they will be living, accompanied by their favorite toys and treats. As time passes, they will get comfortable and take a tour of the new home, exploring all the corners. It’s also essential to introduce your pet to the neighborhood of your new home. So take it out on walks, and while doing so, it is better to use dog leashes instead of setting them free initially, at least for a month. Watch out for aggressive dogs in the new neighborhood while walking with your furry buddy.

Final Thoughts

The primary key to a safe and hassle-free moving experience with your pet is planning weeks ahead. Take your time and plan every aspect of the trip to make your dog feel calm and comfortable without any additional stress. Regardless of how perfect the planning is, there will be moments where you and your furry buddy will encounter stress. It’s best to look out for such situations involving tension as a pet parent. Remember, a comfortable environment and frequent stops during the trip to get your pet some fresh air are essential.

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