Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting for every individual or family. However, don’t let that frenzy feeling take over you and lose your focus, as there are many things for you to think about, attend to, and work on before you can finally utter, “Home Sweet Home.” Every step requires utmost effort, from unpacking, improving areas, and getting familiar with your new village and neighbors.  

Worry less, as this article will accompany and guide you through the essential stuff you must do and prepare to ensure a swift moving-in period for you and your loved ones. Make sure you have your pen, notebook, or notepad beside you to jot down these helpful tips.  

1. Walkthrough and check the entirety of your new home 

Before your official moving-in day, you must conduct a complete and meticulous walkthrough of your future home. Bring your contract with you and final check the actual construction works you and your contractor or the previous house owner agreed upon. It can be any of the following:  

  • All items included during the house’s sale are present  
  • Essential utilities such as outlets, switches, fixtures, doors, and windows function well  
  • Finished all repairs requested  
  • Accurate fitting of furniture  
  • The lawn is of impressive quality  
  • The new home is clean, with no dirt, debris, mold, or pests found  

If, upon checking, you figure out an area that needs improvement or is against your contract, contact your contractor or realtor immediately and hear their countermeasure plans. However, you will shoulder all home issues you see that are not in agreement.   

2. Plan house set up beforehand 

Save yourself some time and trouble during your scheduled moving-in by planning the places for your facilities and furniture earlier. You can do this along with the first step—checking every corner of the house. As you walk through your new home, create a picture and jot down the ideal location for each heavy and large piece of equipment you have and what items each room should possess.  

This way, you can guarantee an organized house moving, as you already know the designated places for the items you’ll bring. During this d-day, you must verify that vital utilities, such as electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet, are up and running.  

3. Deep clean your brand-new house 

Moving your items can be a hassle, but more so is cleaning. However, if you want to enjoy the value of your home, deep cleaning your house from top to bottom is a must! Follow these quick house-moving cleaning steps to ensure tidiness and accordance in your brand-new home:  

  • Always start high, then go low: In whichever house area you got assigned to clean, it’s wise to always begin by cleaning the highest point, like the ceiling fans, overhead lighting fixtures, shelvings, and more, to gather all dust and tiny construction debris at the bottom and sweep them off quickly later on.  
  • Clean the fridge and the rest of the kitchen: One of your top storage priority are your perishable goods. Be quick at tidying up your fridge. Begin by removing all the shelves’ drawers first and cleaning them with soap and warm water. For the fridge’s inside, just scrub it using a neat rag. If there are some stains, make equal parts water-vinegar solution, damp an appropriate amount on it, and leave it for a few minutes to soak. Afterward, you can clean your other kitchen appliances and areas, including your stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink, and countertops.  
  • Sanitize the bathrooms: Disinfect your bathrooms before even using them, and wipe each corner with an antibacterial spray for the looming germs to die. If you have OC tendencies, you can even replace the toilet seats just to ensure that what you use is squeaky clean.  
  • Cleanse other areas: Once done cleaning the vital areas of your new house, you can take care of the rest that often gets overlooked, like the top of the windows, doors, light switches, and closet interiors.  
  • Mop and sweep the floors: As mentioned, the dust and dirt you removed from the upper sections of your house are now gathering on the ground. Hence, it’s necessary for you to finish the cleaning process by sweeping and mopping the floors.  

4. Do necessary repairs, installation, childproof and pet-proof works 

After moving in, a few repairs and renovations can help improve the ambiance of your new house. Refurbishment is essential, especially if it has previous owners before you. To make your ceilings more elegant, you can install ceiling and attic access doors and panels, which can help you hide fixtures in your beam and immensely add to the aesthetic appearance of your home.  

5. Change locks and address 

Changing locks as soon as you move into your brand-new house is one of the important things you need to do. This way, you can ensure that no unwarranted person can access your home other than yourself and your trusted loved ones. Furthermore, before officially moving in, you must alert your local post office, loan providers, bills, and other commitments of your new address.  

6. Meet and greet your new neighborhood 

 It’ll be more convenient and less awkward if you greet and introduce yourself to your new neighborhood on the day you move in. Well, it doesn’t mean you need to go door-to-door, but if you run into a resident inside your village, just quickly say hi and ask for recommendations. This simple greeting initiative will surely help you set the right tone for yourself in the community you’ll be joining.   

Prep up for a swift moving-in day  

Planning and preparing everything beforehand can significantly lessen the inevitable stress and hassle you will encounter as you move into your new house. You need to take a lot into account, from simply checking the structure to employing repairs and familiarizing yourself with your neighborhood. Hence, it’s crucial for you to keep your composure and keep everything as organized as possible. Follow the tips in this blog article to ensure quality living at your new dwelling place.

We hope you found this blog post on 6 Important Things To Consider Before Moving Into a New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Planning a Perfect Timeline for Moving to a New Home for more great tips!

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