Office Moving Tips

Moving an office takes time and it is a burden that is shared by all employees equally. With the right planning, organizing, coordinating, a little effort, and some good office moving tips, a lot can be achieved.

The office work needs to continue in the new location. But if everyone gets exhausted, it might result in reduced productivity and turnover.

Therefore all employees should participate fairly in the process.

Here are some effective office moving tips for employees.

1. Inform All Your Clients

The foremost thing you need to know is this move is not just affecting you. For instance, suppose a client decides to visit you at your old location without any prior notice, only to find your office closed.

The client might feel unimportant for not getting a notification regarding the company’s relocation. Hence make sure that you inform all clients in advance. You might want to include the new address, telephone number, change in working hours, etc.

2. Make an Official Announcement

When a company decides to move, there are many things to do. Most essentially, your workforce needs to make an important decision whether they are comfortable with the relocation or to quit.

If the move is across a country, there is no doubt that some of your employees will decide to quit. Still, this is something that needs to be discussed well before time.

It is crucial that the group announcing this news (in most cases, HR) give enough time to the workforce to think over their options. Also, it helps employees to work on their notice period and the employer to recruit a new workforce.

You can inform them usually a week or even months before.

3. Hire Office Movers

Contact professional office movers in advance to prevent last moment hustling. The office manager tends to have a complete list of items that need to be moved. This includes computers/laptops, storage, and furniture like office chairs, tables, etc.

Often it will be more affordable to buy new furniture rather than paying to relocate it from your existing office. You can either donate your old furniture or sell it.

Get an itemized quote from the movers to decide what works best for you.

4. Purchase the Packaging Material

Simply contacting office movers is not enough. You need to properly secure all the office items in safe and durable packaging. This will prevent any losses caused due to transportation.

For this, you will need a sufficient amount of duct tape, boxes, labels, and other materials. Stay organized as possible during the process to prevent any confusion from moving. It is common that some materials and items get misplaced.

To avoid this, you can rent or borrow a label printer.

5. Prepare the Target Destination

Apart from preparing your current office for moving, you should also prepare your destination for arrival. You can engage removal services that prepare your new office for arrival.

Also, your new office might need some interior decor or additional furniture work, especially if you have an advanced server and computer setup. You can get in touch with local contractors to get your work done quickly.

6. Official Address Change

Keep an eye on legal implications as well. Your company is registered at your current location, so that needs to be changed officially. You will also have to update all subscriptions you have at the old location and forward them to the new one.

7. Insurance Plays an Important Role

You can consider insuring your office equipment or all of your office property. This will save your company from repairs, small mishaps, and re-purchases.

Even if your equipment is insured in your previous company, one question you have to ask yourself is whether the insurance will cover any damage incurred during transit.

8. Organize Packing

In order to ensure that nothing is left behind, misplaced, or mishandled, the manager can designate a team responsible for packing. Each of the team members should have their own area that they can focus on.

This will reduce the workload on everyone in the team and increase efficiency.

9. Try and Ease The Tension

Finally, the process of shifting to a new office is difficult, especially when some of your colleagues, employees, and clients decide to abandon you. Therefore, every member should try and alleviate the tension and do the best they can.

How to securely move electrical equipment and computers?

  • Wrap them in special padded wrapping
  • You can move computers using a computer moving trolley that reduces vibration from the road.
  • Check whether your equipment is insured. If not, modify your insurance policy.


By following this office move checklist, your experience will become more efficient and effortless. You might still encounter some unforeseen difficulties, but as you move through the steps, you will find the process more easy and organized.

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