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There are a lot of considerations to be made when moving into a new home. One thing that many homeowners neglect until the last minute is their smart home technology and automation systems. From smart speakers to Wi-Fi routers to automated heating and cooling systems, each device or system has its own unique needs that must be considered when moving smart home technology to a new location.

You should research each device to know how to transfer it correctly and whether it can be moved. The most important first step is to read the instruction manual provided to you with each of your devices. If you don’t have this information accessible, you may be able to find it online under the system provider’s webpage.

We’ve put together a guide to help you easily navigate the moving process so you can move into your new home and set everything up with ease.

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1. Take Inventory Of Your Devices

After you’ve purchased your new home and start to pack your things up, it’s important to go through each room in your current home and make a list of all the devices you own. This will provide you with a strong starting point for researching your devices and knowing how to transfer them. It could be beneficial to place sticky notes on your devices to make the process easier.

2. Consider Whether Or Not You Should Move The Devices

Once you’ve conducted your research, make realistic decisions about which devices are worth moving and which are better off staying in the home. Some devices that are hardwired into the electrical system can be difficult and expensive to remove. There’s also a level of consideration that needs to be made around the likelihood of damaging the system when attempting to remove it.

There are three main options you have during this decision process. You may decide to take it all, leave it all or take some and leave others. If you leave some devices behind, you should talk to your realtor about how this could impact your home’s selling price. 53% of homeowners currently own a smart device, while 33% plan to invest in one within the next 3 years. With this information at hand, it may be worth increasing the selling price to reflect a home that includes home automation devices in it – something that’s currently in demand.

If you decide to leave any devices behind, remember the importance of cybersecurity. You’ll want to restore each device to a factory reset so it’s no longer connected to any personal information, including passwords, history or credit card information. Thankfully, most providers make this process easy to help ensure your privacy is secured.

3. Hire A Professional To Uninstall It

If you have a system that’s hardwired to your electrical system and you don’t feel comfortable removing it yourself without worrying about damage, it may be wise to hire a professional. There are many professionals available who would be happy to complete this service for you, many of whom are affordable. Home automation systems can be extremely costly, so it’s always important to make sure you know what you’re doing or hire someone who does.

4. Learn Your Insurance And Warranty Policies

Accidents happen quite frequently during packing, moving and setup. If one of your devices or systems breaks, it’s important to know how your home insurance or home warranty policies can be used. For anything that’s been damaged, lost or stolen, your homeowner’s policy will be the best option. However, a home warranty policy can be an excellent investment for systems and appliances to move to the new house. Though damage or improper installation isn’t covered with this type of warranty, it can be used for certain items that break down over time through normal wear and tear. For example, a home warranty could be a great option for a smart kitchen appliance, such as an internet-connected refrigerator, that breaks down after a few years of ownership past the manufacturer’s warranty. Ultimately, your homeowner’s insurance and home warranty policies can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs throughout your homeownership.

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5. Package Everything Safely And Securely

Be sure to package everything safely and securely when preparing for the move. You’ll want to make sure each device stays with its manual and any associated wires or accessories. Using resealable bags to keep the loose parts together can help ensure nothing’s lost in the process. Using a reputable moving company for your local or long-distance move will provide you with all of the essential packaging and transporting needs you have during the moving process.

6. Write Down Instructions For The New Home Installation

If you no longer have the instruction manual or can’t find it online, try to write down the steps you take when uninstalling to remember how to reinstall your technology correctly. Having directions in front of you when you get to the new place can save you from wasting time and experiencing unnecessary stress.

As you prepare to move into your new home, you shouldn’t have to worry about all the minor details for any aspect of the move, especially your technology. These devices are meant to ease your everyday life, so moving them should be easy as well. Thankfully, by following these tips and researching the right options for you, there will be no need for stress.

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