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Bathrooms are usually one of the first parts of any property to be refurbished or renovated. They commonly age poorly and can seem dingy and dated before the rest of the house. As a homeowner, you may think renovating and updating a bathroom will cost you a fortune. While that can oftentimes be the case, you can balance the endeavor financially by choosing materials that cost less but give an ‘expensive’ vibe.

1. Let The Outside In

Having large windows installed in the bathroom or having a bathroom made next to the garden or backyard with a walk-in window is the epitome of style and luxury. This concept has been widely used in many contemporary houses of old European and French homes. Showcasing that the bathroom leads to the outdoors creates a sense of refreshment in the occupant and visually looks incredibly stylish. 

Porcelain or brass bathtubs are a vintage must-have accessory for a bathroom that has been designed like this. The ‘outside in’ concept can be applied with just as much success for a spa or steam room usually positioned away from the main house. Many people like to have outdoor showers accompanying bathrooms like this, especially if they live in a more remote or scenic area.

2. Wallpaper & Light Fixtures

Many high-end bathrooms have an abundance of textures and colors that separate one part of the room from another. The vanity area may be separated from the bathtub or shower area with wallpaper and glass tile for the latter. Wallpaper in the bathroom is always associated with a deluxe setting, allowing your artistic inspirations to come forth. 

Light fixtures are another décor element to impart a luxurious touch to any bathroom, along with the type of faucets used. Uniformity can be imposed so that if, for example, a vintage style is followed, the light fixtures and the faucets can reflect that. Changing the walls of a large bathroom and fluctuating between wallpaper, paint, and tile can make the space appear multi-dimensional and designer-inspired.

3. Small Changes Big Impact

A common misconception is that only considerable structural changes can make a bathroom appear expensive. Oftentimes smaller changes can have a huge effect, such as conducting a deep clean, decluttering, adding some flowerpots and money plants, changing out the shower curtain, repairing bad plumbing, or simply swapping the sanitary ware for fresh pieces. Adding clean towels, bath rugs, aromatherapy candles, or an essential oils diffuser can make all the difference as far as ambiance is concerned. 

The minimalist décor style has in recent years become immensely popular, and it implies having only essential items on display, decluttering heavily, and having a clean and clear space to reflect a clear mind. For a smaller room like the bathroom, the minimalist design concept can make a space look more expensive and luxurious because there will be a focus on fewer, pricier items like a good quality candle or a decorative box.

4. Wall Art

Wall art is an underused décor concept in bathrooms. Still, the most expensive and tasteful bathrooms out there usually have framed photographs (sometimes in a monochromatic spread) or framed art hanging in their bathrooms. If a bathroom is connected to a walk-in closet, wall art can be used in the dressing room or drier areas such as the vanity area. Using a monochromatic color scheme and making a gallery wall in your bathroom (over the tub, for example) is a classic way of using wall art. Still, you can use colors and different materials for framing, such as metal, wood, and plastic.

5. Use Initials

Having your or your partner’s initials on bath robes, towels, slippers, bath mugs, or mats can seem like an over-the-top indulgence, but it creates a five-star hotel feel right in your bathroom. Many companies provide the service of monogrammed products, and you can also extend the concept to toiletry bags for travel purposes. Initials, especially when embossed or have gold trim, can make any item seem custom-made, expensive, and symbolic of luxury.

6. Have More Than One Mirror

Investing in mirrors is a great step if you are trying to remodel your bathroom to seem upscale. Mirrors make smaller rooms, like bathrooms, seem larger, but they also have a practical advantage for someone getting ready every day. When installing mirrors buy several in different sizes and with different frame options. Upscale bathrooms also have more than one mirror in the sink area to provide a varying perspective.

7. Marble Speaks For Itself 

When undertaking bathroom remodeling using marble accents is the easiest and quickest way to impart an expensive and regal feel. Whether using marble tile for the walls, floor, backsplash in the vanity area, or to surround your porcelain bathtub, marble has always been associated with upscale, expensive bathrooms and flooring. Marble comes in various natural graining and colors from white, smoky grey, and black to pink and beige. Since it is so versatile and aesthetically pleasing, it has been used in luxury homes in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, foyers, and outdoor sitting areas. 

Organic materials and accents such as wood and marble can make your bathroom look elegant and belong to a different era. However, marble is used widely in contemporary designs and is often paired with rose gold or matte black metals. Marble can be styled to reflect a modern, manly design or even a shabby chic design with fur rugs, rose gold hardware, and girly décor accents. If marble is used in all white (with grey and smoky natural veining), it can pair well with white walls, cabinets, and sinks, imparting a minimalistic yet big-budget effect. Wooden accents such as jute baskets, chairs, or woven rugs can feel relaxing, as if the house is situated on a beach. 

We hope you found this blog post on 7 Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive useful. Be sure to check out our post on Bathroom Remodeling, A Project That Has Long Term Benefits for more great tips!

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