Family moving to their first home

When moving into a new house, you’ve lots to do, mentally and physically. You have things to move and decisions to make.

The process may be tiring. But it is also exciting. And at times, the combo of the two feelings, tiredness and excitement, may overwhelm our senses to such an extent that we overlook some important things.

For this very reason, in this post, we talk about seven essential aspects to look into when moving into a new house.

1. Sell Your Old Stuff

Moving is not only about your new house. It is equally about your old house. Before you set your foot out and prepare your new property for your arrival, make sure you prepare the old one for your departure too.

You can do so simply by sorting your possessions into two sections:

  • Things You Need
  • Things You Don’t Need

Ensure all the things you bring to your new house are necessary and useful. Carrying unnecessary stuff will only clutter and detract from the beauty of your new home.

What should you do with things you no longer need? You can sell them to sites that purchase used items, and with that money, you can buy modern furniture like L-shaped desks for your new house. In this way, you can make something useful out of apparently useless stuff. And you just might make someone’s day as they find something they’ve been searching for, forever.

2. Replace the Locks

The moment you receive your keys, you should know that you ought to change the locks. Why?

Well, that’s because several families or people have previously owned or lived in what you call your new place. You have no idea if the previous owners still possess a set of copy keys or if someone out there has accidentally (or instead, fortunately) acquired a copy of your house keys.

Hence, for your safety, you ought to change the locks on the doors and windows. Note that if you are currently a tenant, you will need to discuss your concerns with the property owner before making such a move. In some places, it is illegal to change locks without the owner’s permission.

3. Upgrade or Restore the Mechanical Systems

To ensure that you do not have inconveniences when you can least tolerate them, check the functionality of your mechanical systems. For example, inspect whether the water-heating mechanism is working correctly. If you do not know how, seek the help of a qualified professional.

Also, if you end up buying replacements, you’re likely to have large amounts of industrial packaging lying around afterward. You could put those to use by selling them to Verde Trader or similar companies.

4. Deep Clean the House

Following this, we believe a deep clean is of utmost importance. You ought to begin your new life at your new place with a clean state of mind. Hence, before you get your things moved in, grab your gloves, cleaners, brooms, and other cleaning supplies to get started with a cleaning drive. Here’s a complete guide to help you through. One hidden benefit of cleaning is that you will get to know the house’s structure in depth and detail.

But alternatively, if you haven’t got the time to clean each nook and corner of the house yourself thoroughly, then you can call a professional cleaning team as well.

5. Pest Check

Perhaps, pest check should be among your topmost priorities when moving to a new place. Inspect the seals, holes, and cracks in the house for ants, cockroaches, or other insect invasions.

Once you’ve inspected, determine the amount of time, effort, and resources you should invest in pest control. In case there are any clear signs of infestation, contact a professional pest control team by choosing between the best pest control companies for your new house immediately.  However, if you only have suspicions, then take preventive measures. Remove woodpiles and debris from the outside of the house, if any. You can protect the outdoor wood by filling cracks and crevices. You can also paint the wall and woods to keep the bugs and insects from attacking.

6. Replace Air Filters

Again, unless your house is brand new or custom-built, the air filters are going to be pretty dirty.  You need to check and clean them because if you fail to do so, the air flowing in your house will not only be polluted but may as well carry hazardous germs. Plus, unclean air filters negatively impact the efficiency of HVAC units.

7. Know What’s Where

We know you’ll have an initial walk-through. But trust us, that wouldn’t be sufficient enough for you to memorize the location of essential things in the house, such as the fuse box or water valve. So, before you move in, ensure you visit a couple more times and have the location of all crucial things memorized.

Final Words

Summing up, moving into a new house brings excitement along with loads of challenges. Make sure you pay due attention to all necessary aspects so that you can make a happy, peaceful start!

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post 7 Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Crucial Things You Should Do When Moving Into a New Home for more great tips!


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