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Is it still okay to keep saying winter is coming, or has the punchline become less effective after the last season of Game of Thrones?Whatever the case may be – winter is coming; it’s practically just around the corner, which makes this the ideal time to cozy up your bedroom.

Let us look at seven ways to do it and help yourself feel all the cozy feels this season.

Add Warmth

Your first step should focus on actual physical warmth.

Take a look at your heating system and consider how effective it is. If you have a fireplace (lucky!), think about your resources for fueling it and how you want to store them. Baskets and wooden crates always work well, and they add a touch of cozy too.

Then think about your comforter. Or should I be saying duvet? We never could grasp the difference between the two. Either way, it needs to be fluffy and feel like a warm hug when you get into bed.

Remove (and Add) Light

To turn your bedroom into a twinkly, peaceful oasis, consider some blackout curtains. They will help you fall asleep faster, and they’ll also make the atmosphere much more snuggly and wintry.

To add some cozy light back into your space, you can try candles or fairy lights. As long as the light source is warm and tiny and leaves plenty of shade, you will find yourself ready to cozy up in no time.

Add a Couple of Plants

Although they might remind you of spring/summer, houseplants are also a great way to cozy up your bedroom and create a warm and comforting winter ambiance. Plus, they’re just magic when it comes to adding some life to a room.

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to keep your plants alive or that there is not enough air and light in the bedroom, you can choose to use faux plants. But whenever you can pull it off, it’s always better to go for the real thing.

Introduce a Wintery Smell

The way a room smells has a powerful impact on the overall atmosphere. So, you can instantly take the coziness factor up a couple of notches by choosing a wintery scent. That can be in the form of a candle, an incense stick, or an air freshener.

Vanilla, cinnamon, apple, and similar scents are the way to go. You can also just check out the Bath and Body Work winter scents to get some inspiration.

Remove Clutter

While you want to add some decor to the space, you also don’t want to make it seem crowded – especially when you’re putting up Christmas decorations. Removing a lot of the knick-knacks that are just taking up space and that aren’t actually in tone with the season will be a good step to take.

Photos and similar memorabilia are great all year round, but everything that doesn’t match the cozy vibe should be removed. To cozy up your bedroom, keep clutter to a minimum.

Add More Rugs

Bare floors in winter are just a source of frustration, so try to throw on as many fluffy and warm rugs as you can. Stick to a similar color palette – preferably something neutral, like oatmeals, off-whites, and browns. And don’t worry about it making too much sense. Sizes and materials matter less, and a haphazard appearance can work extremely well.

You can also use cushions instead, or your thinner blankets if you don’t have too many rugs at your disposal.

Get Rid of All Tech

There’s something charming about watching a Christmassy movie in bed with the fairy lights on, but nevertheless, you might want to kick the TV out of the bedroom. Blue light is rather harmful to your sleep patterns, so forgoing all technology in your oasis of sleep is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you just love Harry Potter on the laptop at the foot of the bed while you’re cozied under your duvet with a cup of hot choc – go for it.

Provide the Right Soundtrack

speaker on a bed

Finally, you also want the sounds traveling through your bedroom space to match the cozy vibes. Whether it’s just soft background music or some loud Christmas tunes, what you listen to will determine the mood, just like the scents you surround yourself with.

You can hunt down a winter playlist on Spotify, or you can play one of those 24 hours of rain and fire sounds from YouTube – whatever you enjoy more.

Investing in a pair of speakers for the occasion might be worth your while. They don’t have to be too big; a small but quality pair should do the trick. This is a great way to cozy up your bedroom.

To Sum It All Up

Winter is the season of spending a lot of time lounging around feeling snug and comfortable – or at least it should be.

Do your best to prepare your bedroom for the season, and you’ll notice you have less trouble slipping into the holiday spirit. Plus, you’ll probably be waking up more refreshed and in a better mood.

We hope you found this blog post 7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy This Winter useful. Be sure to check out our post 10 Budget-Friendly Tips To Warm Your Bedroom This Winter for more great tips!


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