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A home is an essential part of a person’s life. There are a lot of things you can do to make your home look better. While a lot of attention goes to property renovation, the best way to transform your home on a budget is painting.

Painting is by far the ultimate option for creating a new living space, especially if you don’t want to go with the boring, old, and same solid wall color. So, if you feel like your paint has become outdated, there are plenty of techniques to create a refreshing look at a minimal cost.

We have gathered a list of 8 decorative techniques for your walls available today. They are easy to give any room in your home an attractive vibe and a contemporary style.

1. Stenciling

Make your living space into something you love by using stencils. It is a popular method of decorating walls, especially using motifs and patterns.

The stenciling painting technique makes use of stencils that you can find in any local craft shop. Wall stenciling is a modern way of giving your wall a dramatic design with a charming appeal.

2. Sponging

Sponging can be done using a sponge roller or natural sea sponge. You can use a synthetic sponge to build a more even texture. The sponge roller, on the other hand, creates an uneven surface.

Sponging is the easiest way of adding a bold look to make your walls stunning. No specific skills are required, so it’s a chance for the whole family to participate!

3. Color Washing

If you are looking for the best painting technique that can add a dynamic texture to your room, you might want to consider color washing. It is one of the most popular methods and is best suited for traditional style decorations.

The color washing technique involves painting multiple layers to achieve the desired depth and effect. Top it up with a glaze paint mixture for excellent results. When applying the glaze layer, use a large brush in an x pattern. The result is an exceptional wall that can give any room a fully textured appearance.

4. Rag-Rolling

Like sponging, rag rolling is another easy way of creating a perfect look for any elegant room. Using a rag-this technique involves painting up and down to add a unique texture and depth to your walls. However, the wall needs to be washed first. The rag folds add uneven texture to your wall. If modified, again and again, it can create a more dynamic texture effect.

Rag-rolling is commonly used in painting small rooms such as bathrooms, where soft textures are needed to make the room appear spacious.

5. Strie

Strie, also known as streaking, is a painting technique that can dress your walls up elegantly. Most people like this technique because it adds a texture that resembles the linen material. Strie uses a wallpaper brush to make streaked lines on your wall.

Drag the satin base coat mixture either vertically or horizontally for a more dragged strie effect. For a linen effect, drag the mixture both vertically and horizontally. The idea is to build a stunning linen weave.

Strie is one of the best painting techniques that you can use to add texture to a contemporary room.

6. Metallic Accent

A unique painting technique using metallic blocks can give your room a classy luxury look. Metallic painting comes in a variety of colors. So, you can choose your preferred taste. The beauty of this painting technique is that it can add a gorgeous glow to the room. Even better, this technique can be used as an accent for brushed walls. All you need is to choose the best metallic paint that can sure shine to walls with minimal effort

7. Harlequin

Style up your walls using a harlequin. This painting technique can bring a sophisticated and luxurious feel to your room with little effort.

Harlequin is a patterned painting technique that can work well in small rooms like the kitchen and primary bedroom. The idea is to choose a color with proper contrast. For a modern appeal, select colors with higher contrasts and bold hues.

8. Polka Dots

Polka dots are another way of making your room look beautiful. A beautiful polka dot room can create a feeling of serenity in a space. They are easy to apply on your walls and require no expertise. Polka dots are an all-time favorite for those seeking to make their rooms playful. They are also a perfect choice for adding some interior decor for children’s bedrooms.

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