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The importance of the HVAC system in homes and commercial places is indisputable. It improves the comfort of people indoors during winter and summer. The air conditioning filter of your heating and cooling unit facilitates the performance of the system. It helps to clean the air passing through the unit.

Changing the filter is a simple task that you can carry out in your routine furnace maintenance. Essentially, you should replace it once every three months to enhance the optimal performance of the unit. Failure to change the filter can wreak havoc in the entire unit and cause significant problems. Keep reading and learn the eight consequences that might result from failing to change your AC air filter. If you fail to change and clean your ac filter, and need repairs as a result. There are a few experts who can help you.

Leads to High Energy Bills

One of the surefire signs that you require a filter replacement is an overly high energy bill. In a dirty air filter, the pores are clogged with dust and debris. This diminishes the ability of air to pass through it. The system is forced to work harder to push air into ducts. Heating and cooling of air become a strenuous process. This leads to the consumption of more energy than usual, increasing your monthly energy bills.

Poses a Health Hazard

A dirty filter is unable to trap dirt, dust, and other contaminants. As a result, these harmful substances remain in the air that is circulating in the home. Their accumulation can lead to serious health risks. The immediate health issues that might emerge include headaches and itchy throat or eyes. If the filter is neglected and the buildup continues, long-term health issues might arise. They may include cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory diseases. Therefore, you should frequently change the AC filter to protect yourself and your family from these health problems.

Causes Inefficient Cooling and Heating of Air

The air conditioning system is supposed to cool or heat the air, depending on how you’ve set it. But this doesn’t happen when the filter is old and clogged up. There isn’t a sufficient flow of air in and out of the system. As such, warm or cold air is not efficiently distributed to where it is required in the home. When you forget to change your AC filter, you will notice poor temperature control. The house will become too hot during summer or too cold during winter. This is a sign that your filter requires immediate replacement.

Reduces Air Flow

Air moves around the furnace instead of circulating inside the house when the filter is filthy. The furnace will neither expel used up air out of the house nor supply fresh air into the rooms. This leads to stagnation of the air inside your home. One telltale sign of stagnant air is the growth of mold. Restricted airflow provides the ideal environment for these organisms to flourish. They not only make surfaces unpleasant to look at, but they are also stubborn and costly to remove. Therefore, it is necessary to change the filter of your air conditioning system as often as required.

Worsens the Quality of Indoor Air

One of the functions of your AC is to improve the quality of air inside your home. But it cannot achieve this when the filter is clogged. The overall quality of indoor air is likely to worsen. When the filter’s performance diminishes, all the components of the system will tend to accumulate unwanted particles. These particles will then find their way around the house.

Unfortunately, the filter cannot clean up this contaminated air since it is blocked with dust and debris. This cycle goes on and on, which makes the situation worse than before. If you fail to change your air conditioning system filter as required, you will experience general discomfort when inside the home. You will develop a sudden liking for the outdoors where the air is clean and fresh.

Causes the Furnace to Overwork

A blocked filter causes the AC to work harder than usual. Typically, the air conditioning system is designed to turn on and off at given intervals. This phenomenon is called short cycling. When the filter is filthy, the cycles are overly frequent. There is an irritating noise that emanates from a furnace due to short cycling. Besides that, it will cause severe strain on your AC.

Reduces the Lifespan of Your AC

When you fail to replace the filter of your conditioner, you are unknowingly reducing the entire unit’s life expectancy. An air conditioning system can last between 15 and 25 years, depending on the model, maintenance, and care. But, failing to change essential components such as the filter can significantly reduce this time. When the filter is dirty, it implies that other parts of the AC are also messy.

Dirty parts have reduced efficiency when it comes to performance. They are overworked, making them prone to constant breakage. You can call an expert to repair minor damage. However, severe damage might require replacement of some components or installation of a new air conditioning system. Do not forget that AC components, such as the compressor and coils, are expensive and sometimes hard to find. And installing a new AC is a huge investment. You can protect your valuable AC unit by replacing the filter frequently.

Leads to Frozen Coils

Evaporative coils are meant to cool down the air. They have a refrigerant that removes heat from the air. The efficiency of the coils depends on the performance of the filter. If the filter is blocked, humid air is likely to accumulate on the coils and freeze. This is yet another catastrophe that can be prevented by simply replacing the AC filter regularly.

You shouldn’t underestimate the role of the filter in the air conditioning system. A new and clean filter can boost the overall performance of the unit. On the other hand, an old and dirty filter will slow down or even shut down the entire system. The consequences of not changing your AC filter are costly and regrettable.

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