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Traveling to any destination requires careful planning. You must ensure you have all the necessary documents, especially if traveling overseas. 

It helps if you have made all the necessary travel and accommodation bookings well in advance. No one wants to get to a foreign country and not know where they will stay during the duration. Fortunately, there is the option of corporate lease apartments. We will let you know more about them in the article. 

Sometimes, the purpose of travel may be work-related. How you would pack for such a trip will be different from a leisure trip. We will show you some things you must include in your luggage below. Grab a pen and paper so that you develop a checklist as we go along. 

1. Necessary Documentation

The advantage of an employer-sponsored business trip is the company takes care of a lot of the administrative part for you. If traveling abroad, they will take care of the visa processing. 

If there are any health requirements, they will arrange that for you. 2022 is a year when the world is still adjusting to living with the Covid pandemic. Most countries have lifted travel restrictions and are allowing visitors in. but there are still some compliance measures you must adhere to. Take the time to check out Covid-19 travel requirements for whichever country you will be visiting well in advance.  

When packing, please ensure you have the following. 

  • Passport or identity card depending on whether you are traveling overseas or locally
  • Travel Visa
  • Covid-19 and other health-related documents as necessary. Some countries will, for instance, need a yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Driver’s license if you plan to self-drive
  • Travel insurance
  • Credit cards, although you should carry some cash as well. Most airports have forex bureaus where you can buy the currency of your destination country. Ask for small bills to make it easier for you.
  • Tickets 

These documents should be with you all the time. Put them together in a safe, easy-to-access place in your hand luggage.  

2. Transport and Accommodation Reservations

As stated, with corporate travel, there isn’t much to worry about since the employer takes care of most things. But, if you are sponsoring your business trip, the onus is on you to prepare well. 

Transport and accommodation in the destination area are key. The best corporate travel tip is to book all this in advance and have the necessary supporting documentation. 

Let’s say you are taking a trip to Boston with some of your employees. Instead of booking rooms in a hotel, corporate apartments in Boston would be a good option. The ideal location of such corporate housing means easy access to amenities. 

A rich transport network around the corporate apartments removes the need for leasing cars. The serviced rentals make you feel more at home than any hotel would. The affordable corporate suites also have flexible lease terms. That gives you a fantastic solution if you need to extend or shorten your stay. 

3. Technological Must-Haves

Think about all the technology you use in your daily work life. You will most likely need them on the trip as well. They will include:

  • Your phone and charger
  • Laptop or tablet. Ensure that you have uploaded all the necessary business files you will need. The alternative is to save everything on the cloud and access them on a need-to basis. That way, even if you lose the laptop, your sensitive documents will be safe.
  • Adaptors for your chargers. Do checkout the voltage and adapter type in your destination. Different countries have different requirements. Your country may use 240 volts, while the one you are visiting could be using 110 volts. Plugging in your electrical appliances could lead to serious problems or total damage.
  • Headphones will come in handy if you need to block out any ambient sound when working. You may also need them with video conferencing.
  • Wifi hotspot if you have one. It frees you from using public wifi, which could expose you to cyber attacks.
  • A pen and notebook can come in handy as well.   

You can buy fantastic organizers that will allow you to pack your electronics. It can be annoying to deal with tangled cords or look for your adaptor in the luggage when your battery is critically low. 

4. Bare Essentials

One of the best tips for corporate travel is to pack light. There is no point in carrying personal items you can buy at the travel destination. The serviced corporate apartments or hotel rooms provide all the necessary toiletries. But, you should carry along your toothbrush, anti-deodorant, hairbrush, and lip balm. 

If you want to carry your favorite lotion or perfume, here is what you can do. Buy small bottles and use these to carry the amount you need during the trip. It will save a lot of space in your luggage. 

For clothing, you will, of course, need appropriate wear for the business meetings. Your itinerary will also determine what else you carry. If you will attend formal dinners, then carry the appropriate wear. 

Throw in one or two casual wear for an evening out. You may also have some free time during the day. It would be a pity not to tour and enjoy the local pleasures during the duration of your stay. If you work out or enjoy a swim or other sports, you will need the appropriate attire. Please make sure you check the weather information to know what to carry. 

If you take specific medication, please don’t forget to pack them. Indeed, this should be one of the top items on your corporate travel checklist. 

Final Thoughts

We have shared some must-have items for a business trip. Unless you are a seasoned traveler and can pack in the dark, please take the time to develop a checklist. You don’t want to reach the airport only to find you don’t have your passport. 

Make your travel and accommodation bookings well in advance. Corporate lease apartments are a cost-effective solution for business travelers. The serviced and furnished apartments give you a home-away-from-home feeling.

Organize your electronics and only carry bare essentials. You can always buy smaller items at your travel destination. Finally, the weather at the destination point will determine the clothing you pack.

We hope you found this blog post on Business Travel Tips: 4 Things You Must Take With You useful. Be sure to check out our post on 6 Tips for a Safe Move During Coronavirus for more great information!

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