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The contagious spreading disease coronavirus has derailed many travel plans and cross-border movements. Many travel enthusiasts are rekindling their travel spirits by planning a solo trip to travel during coronavirus. In a survey report, more people intended to go on a road trip than long-distance travel by train or by air, and all for the right reasons. At present, car travel looks like probably one of the best methods of traveling as it can help you socially distance from others and thus, minimize the risk of transmission even on the go.

However, the right knowledge and some ground preparation are necessary to travel safely during the spread of the disease. You may even require to revamp your approach to solo travel and meticulously take into account various factors to impede the spread, such as the risk of transmission and unavailability of resources. If safety and security is your primary concern, here are a few tips that can be of great help.

1. Find an Appropriate Destination

Sometimes the journey is better than the destination, and that fits the present travel situation perfectly. Instead of focusing just on a destination, look for places that offer enjoyable itineraries. That way you can stop in multiple locations to best enjoy nature and solitude. It would be best to avoid crowded places or overnight stays at a hotel. Even then, book in advance and make sure that the place follows all of WHO guidelines regarding hygiene and sanitization. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself and others from the perils of this disease is by avoiding any human contact. So, make sure you are aware of all checkpoints, tolls, and other points of contact on your route to prepare accordingly. Use cashless transits and arrange passes wherever possible. Also, take time to find out if there are any travel restrictions in the area you intend to travel to.

2. Plan and Pack

Solo road trip plans usually begin with a long checklist. Since you will be on your own, you do not want to leave behind any essential items like your portable chargers and flashlights. Amidst a pandemic situation, your checklist may include even more items. Plan for medical needs and carry an emergency kit in case you get symptoms. Make sure you keep enough face masks, sanitizer, disinfectants, alcohol-wipes, and single-use gloves to use at fueling stations and public washrooms. You may want to fill up your bag with packed food enough to sustain throughout your journey.  Also remember it is vital to stay hydrated. As water plays a key role in supporting your immunity, make sure you carry plenty of it.

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3. Prepare Your Vehicle

When planning to travel during coronavirus, you also want to make sure that your car is travel-ready too. That means prior sanitization and enough fuel. Since sanitizers are highly volatile, keep enough for the entire trip. Since there might be limited automobile services available, you may want to double-check your car maintenance to ensure smooth travel. That also means replenishing all emergency kits and tools. Inspect the brakes and a/c of your car. If you’ve driven less in the past few months because of lockdowns, check the battery to ensure smooth starting. If you wish to explore you can go overnight camping in the woods or spend the night by the sea. Simply board your camping essentials on a roof rack for a blissful night out journey by yourself.

4. Stay Connected

When you travel during coronavirus, you may have to navigate with more vigilance. Make it a point to keep in touch with a loved one. Keeping them informed about your whereabouts and sharing your location can help you be safer. This person can raise an alarm in case you face any emergency or health concern during your travels. Keep some information handy like emergency contact numbers, and details of medical care facilities in your vicinity. During any medical health issue or emergency, timing is the most crucial factor. The urgency of the situation demands travelers take quick action with a pre-prepared contingency plan. Follow the advice of a health specialist while planning steps to follow in case you get any symptoms.

The Bottom Line

To travel smart and safely during the outbreak may require attention to details and constant updates on travel alerts. You must avoid crowded settings at all costs and take necessary precautions like sanitization and wearing a surgical mask Canada. While it is important to keep calm during your travel, make sure you immediately attend any sign of ill health.

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