If you have determined that a move is absolutely necessary during coronavirus here are 6 Tips for a Safe Move During Coronavirus.

Moving Safely During a Pandemic

Prepare Early

Begin the pre-move preparations as early as possible. To start, check out apartments by using virtual apartment tours, to keep yourself safe. So you have a place locked in, what’s next?

Next, sort through your possessions and decide which items need to be packed for your new home. Also, which will be donated or thrown away. This is a good time to clean things that are used infrequently or seasonally. Everything to be moved, except for items you need daily. This should be placed in new boxes, marked and sealed with packing tape. It is important to use new boxes because coronavirus can live on cardboard for several days.

Is DIY an Option?

Truck rental companies are deemed as essential businesses. Therefore, if moving your own stuff is a possibility call your local truck rental facility and check availability. Rented trucks are sanitized between customers. However, you should continue to take precautionary measures to ensure that your boxes remain uninfected. Most of the paperwork and payment procedures can be done online but wear a mask and gloves when you pick the truck up and again upon its return.

Moving Companies

If moving yourself is not an option check federal and local municipality laws regarding moving companies and then find a moving company that is aware of the guidelines. This may not be a good time to hire “Joe Shmo and Nephew” to move your stuff even though it may be cheaper. The legal recommendations are in place to protect you and the folks who do the moving. National chains and franchises have protocols in place to move you as safely and efficiently as possible. When you hire a company ask about the rules they have in place.

Making Final Arrangements

After you have chosen a moving company, they will need a lot of information about your home’s contents. All the paperwork, payment arrangements and information regarding the type of move can be done online. In normal times someone would come to your home and give you a quote after looking at the scope of the move. Today a virtual tour of your home will allow the moving company to determine the logistics of your move. 

Moving Day

Much like figuring out how much you can spend on rent, each step of this process becomes a bit more stressful. 

The day you move is often fraught with anxiety. To reduce the amount of stress on yourself and your family make sure that everything is packed and ready to go at least 24 hours ahead of time. This will give you a chance to double-check the home you are leaving for important items that may have been overlooked. A cross-country move can be disastrous if your child’s favorite “stuffy” is hiding in a corner of the home you left. On moving day limit the number of people in your home, for their safety and the safety of the moving people.

Protect Yourself and Others

Whether you’re making a local move or a long-distance move, the moving company you hire should provide their movers with personal protective gear, but it is a good idea to have some extras available. After moving many heavy boxes and pieces of furniture, masks and gloves can become torn. You should also continue to wear protective gear while the movers are in and out of your home. Make sure you have hand sanitizer, soap and water available also.

It is not ideal to move during the coronavirus. However, planning, packing and preparing early can make the move safe for you and your family.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found 6 Tips for a Safe Move During Coronavirus useful.  Check out Tips for Moving During COVID-19 to a New Place for more helpful tips.

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