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The roof is an integral part of your house. Not only does it add a layer of shelter for you, but it also enhances the appearance. There are different types of roofing material options, each of them offering its own range of benefits. Irrespective of the type of roofing material, roof cleaning and maintenance are paramount. You can either do it yourself or find a professional service provider who can help you with the project. Despite the fact that cleaning the roof is an integral part of roof maintenance, there are certain myths associated with it. Here we will be discussing these myths.

Myths About Roof Cleaning:

1. The Development Of Roof Moss Is A Cosmetic Issue, So We Can Ignore It

One of the common problems that homeowners face is the deposition and growth of moss. Many people tend to ignore this, thinking that it is just a cosmetic issue. But the fact is that moss deposition not only impacts the look of the roof, but also damages the shingles, which can eventually impact the structure of your roof. Hence you must hire a service provider who can help you clean the roof.

2. Clean Only The Sections Showing Stains

Some people do take care of the roof, but they only look after the sections of the roof where stains are developing. However, they do not clean up the entire roof. Many times, the growth of algae and foreign substances are not visible to the eye. You must hire a professional service provider who will help you with this. They know the signs of damage and can easily find out if there is a growth of bacteria and algae on the roof. Also, they have the right set of equipment needed for the job.

3. Roof Cleaning is a DIY Project

This is a common myth that the house owners can handle the cleaning project themselves. Yes, many people want to take care of their house on their own. But the fact is that cleaning the roof is not as easy as just sweeping and washing. You need the right equipment for vigorous cleaning. If your area gets heavy storms or rain, they can cause severe damage to your roof shingles, thereby affecting the entire roofing structure. In such a case, going ahead with DIY is not going to help. Rather choose a professional service provider to handle the project with expertise.

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How to Find the Best Roof Cleaning Service Provider?

There are a number of professional companies offering specialized roof cleaning and maintenance services. However, not everyone can handle the task. When it comes to the roofing structure, you need the assistance of a good and experienced company. An experienced company brings with it the credibility and guarantee of quality work. Moreover, they have tackled different issues in different kinds of roofing systems with the best possible results.

Don’t forget to check the license of the roofing company. Any company or individual who wishes to become an expert in the field needs to obtain the necessary license from the authorities. This also assures that the company has trained professionals. Relying on a company that is working without a license is not going to give you a guarantee of their work.

Lastly, you must get a quote for the work beforehand. Knowing the cost before starting the project is going to help you choose the right company.


The roof is an important structure, and if you want to entend the life of your roof, it is important that you choose a professional roof cleaning company that can provide the right services for your individual needs.

We hope you found this blog post Busting the Myths About Roof Cleaning useful. Be sure to check out our post The Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofing Repair Services for more great tips!


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