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Cargo transportation is an complex process. It involves people, transport (air, ground, etc.), and cargo items with very different dimensions and characteristics. Therefore, cargo transportation must be planned very carefully. It is necessary to think through every nuance, every detail. There are no small things here – everything is crucial.

Of course, you can organize the cargo transportation process yourself. Choose a type of transport, hire a driver, a transport company, collect a complete package of documents, and wait patiently. And if you need to send a couple of books or a small box of everyday items to a friend, this is appropriate.

But when you have to organize the relocation of an entire apartment, send containers with construction materials by sea, or you have ordered various vehicle parts (e.g. control arms or ball joints), and the store is far from you, and you need to transport everything from one point to another, you should contact a professional transport company that manages cargo transportation. Some vendors can offer you their transport services when you buy their products, but you can always arrange transport with transportation companies.

Advantages of a Professional Approach

Specialists will select the best method of cargo delivery for you, taking into account the time, volume, type of cargo, and other characteristics. They will also offer additional services or assistance, if necessary – movers, freight forwarding, cargo packaging, collection of accompanying documents, etc. In addition, many companies will give you a discount on your first shipment or, conversely, if you become a regular customer.

In any case, you should understand the crucial aspects of the process of cargo transportation. Here they are:

  • route
  • cargo characteristics
  • delivery time

Of course, the specialists of logistics companies will offer you appropriate assistance with each item.

For example, to choose the route that your cargo will take, you should understand what awaits it on the way:

  • Will there be a customs inspection?
  • What documents are required?
  • What is the condition of the roads to the destination?

A professional logistics manager will offer you the best delivery option that meets time and cost constraints.

Types of Cargo

It is important to determine the type of cargo as accurately as possible. So let’s look at what they are.

Common goods do not exceed the weight and dimensions of the machine that transports them. These can be Engine Mounts, Sway bars, furniture, building materials, and so on. Conventional cargo is cargo that does not require special transportation, loading or unloading, and can be transported onboard vehicles. For the transport of ordinary goods, no special conditions are necessary when driving a car, and there is no need to use trucks with bodies of a unique design.

Dangerous goods are registered in a special register – IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Such loads can cause harm to the environment and people. Therefore, they should be transported only according to the rules and only with the help of professionals.

Some goods can only be transported in a refrigerator or quickly delivered by air – these are perishable goods. Therefore, you need to move them swiftly and carefully; otherwise, they will spoil.

Non-standard loads in terms of weight, size, and volume are called oversized or super-heavy. You can’t transport them yourself. Here you need a professional, often engineering approach to place non-standard items on a transport platform, securely secure them, and determine the optimal route for transportation.

Cargo can also be live-for example, farm animals, or pets that go on a trip or move with their owners.

Of course, these are not all the types of cargo that exist, but examples of the types that most often need to be delivered.

Other Considerations

  • Features in the package: each loading place must be packed separately, following regulations, with the mandatory application of personal markings. Sometimes finding the right size of container causes some inconvenience.
  • Weight restrictions in some companies do not allow you to send too small packages.
  • Sending a light but bulky product will not be cheap.
  • Consolidation in warehouses in small localities can take a relatively long time. However, if you contact an experienced company, problems are likely not to arise.

The Importance Of Delivery Times

It is equally important to understand the delivery time of the cargo, which is dictated by your corporate or personal tasks and circumstances. For example, if the time frame is very tight, the transport company will offer you multi-modal transport, which involves several modes of transport at once to speed up the process. But you do not worry about the safety of the cargo, and the process is completely under the control of the contractor’s organization.

Of course, no matter what tasks you have, it is better not to take risks but to contact a reliable company that will comfortably and quickly deliver your cargo from the place of departure to the destination.

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