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Packing and moving a tattoo studio – like navigating long distances through not-so-interesting landscapes, or worse, getting your tooth pulled – is one of those trials that happen to be most unpleasant, are never exactly fun, yet always take a positive direction!

There’s absolutely no question that the endeavor’s success totally depends on steering clear of moving mistakes and laying the groundwork well in advance to make the process as smooth as a pancake.

While there are innumerable tried-and-true packing and moving guidelines to make the entire process of moving a business a whole lot easier, this is a checklist specifically for tattoo studio owners to help them make sure everything’s right in order before, during, and after you make that move!

A FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: A lot can go wrong as you prep for a move (a lot can go right, too.) Even with all the guidelines, tips, and hacks in place, there’s no one-size-fits-all guide with moving guidelines for every single situation that might brew up during the moving process. 

Different tattoo studio owners have different piles of concerns or needs – an expensive collection of tattoo machines, delicate needles – that might need special accommodations. Still, for most situations, this list of moving guidelines will help.

1. Focus More On The Smaller Details

Before you line up your to-do list, it’s essential to commit to having a positive attitude about all the change that’s coming. Whereas most tattoo studio moving advice focuses on reminders to cancel the ongoing services at your existing studio or plan things to be in order at the new location, here we ask you to put more focus on the finer details, such as:

  • How to pack those delicate needles as they squeeze their way out from one place to another, or how to store ink in a spill-free arrangement
  • How to arrange the boxes – put the heavier ones on the bottom, and lighter ones on the top, if you’re loading the truck on your own
  • Label each container with the tattoo essential it’s holding, and if it holds something fragile. Furthermore, to keep track of what you packed, maintaining an inventory list can help you make sure you still have everything when you unload the truck.

2. Do a Merciless Purge Of Unnecessary Items

Packing all your tattoo studio essentials into cartons and bags can be overwhelming. Let’s make this exercise a bit easier – cut back on your excess and declutter as much as possible.

The outcome? You will have to pack less, move less, and most importantly, unpack less. Hence, get rid of empty bottles of sterile ointments, tubes, and tips cleaning sets, discard used cover sheets for your chairs and machines, and don’t forget those latex gloves and stacks of half-used Vaseline bottles resting on your shelves!

3. Get Your Tattoo Studio a ‘Moving Folder’

Gather documents related to your new address, and rental or purchase papers of your brand-new tattoo studio. It’s smarter to create hard copies of all the documents rather than depending on digital ones.

This way, if any questions arise amid your planning or the moving process, you’ll have all the answers handy (and records of your payments, agreements, and more).

4. Pack As Far In Advance As Possible

There’s no doubt you will know the details about a move – days, weeks, or even months in advance – start by packing off-season essentials and the items you won’t miss – this list of items can vary from one tattoo studio to another.

And when it’s time to move everything, most of your tattoo studio essentials will already be ready to go. In the nerve-racking final days and weeks before the move, you won’t be worried about not having everything in order.

5. Get Hold Of Utility Providers For Your Tattoo Studio

As the moving dates get closer, get in touch with your utility providers to schedule services at your new tattoo studio. You don’t want to arrive there, exhausted by the move, to find the electricity is off, and have to wait for days or weeks before you can fulfill walk-ins requests and fully settle in.

We suggest you schedule well ahead of time and keep your ‘moving folder’ ready. At the same time, request to turn utilities off from your move-out date at your current tattoo studio.

6. Keep a Spare Bag Of Your Tattoo Essentials

Complete Guide to Relocating a Tattoo Studio

You can never know when a catastrophe will strike. To stay fully prepared, keep a set of your tattoo studio essentials with you, even your portfolio!

7. Invest In A Truck With A Loading Ramp

If you’re a DIY tattoo studio mover, you need a truck with a loading ramp. There are chances a truck without a ramp might be cheaper. Still, the struggle (and hassle) of lifting every single piece of your tattoo studio high enough will add time – plus sore muscles – and as a tattoo artist, you might have commitments that call for sitting in the same position for hours.

8. Gift Your Tattoo Studio Tattoo Studio Management Software

Here’s the fact – you need to get yourself some solid tattoo studio software.

Nope, it will not help you pack those boxes, find the right packing strategies to carry your needles or lift those heavy boxes for you as you make your move.

But it’ll do something even more powerful: keep your client list intact and your tattoo consent forms well in place, lend you a hand with managing your online appointments, and – don’t you want to send out a few mailers about your brand-new move – tattoo studio management is all that you will need to keep those walk-ins from stalling!

There, you have it! Packing and moving your tattoo studio and moving it up the street or even across the continent doesn’t need to be so disastrous – we recommend you follow these guidelines, and we guarantee you will be chilling and inking in your new tattoo studio before you know it!

We hope you found this blog post Complete Guide to Relocating a Tattoo Studio useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving Your Business Without Losing Money for more great tips!


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