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You cannot get through summer without an air conditioning system. It circulates cool air in the room. Moreover, if you have the best air conditioning system which is equipped with air filters, then you will get pure and fresh air. Studies show that a person feels more physical and mental tiredness and loses concentration in high temperatures. However, the working capacity of an individual rises at a cool temperature, and it also maintains the hydration level of an individual. Air conditioning also ensures a good night’s sleep. If you have renovated your house, you may know that your life turns topsy-turvy within days. Your air conditioners can get affected by dust and dirt. This can damage your prized possession.

Repairing the air conditioning during home renovation can be a costly affair and a headache. Air conditioning not only adds value to the room but improves the air indoors. To ensure the peak performance of the air conditioning, regular maintenance is vital. To save the motors, cooling coils and the air ducts of the air conditioners follow the crucial pointers stated below.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning during Renovation:

  • Planning: if you are planning a house renovation or remodeling, you need to think about the electrical equipment and other heavy machines. They must be well-protected to ensure that they incur no scratches or damage during renovation. Make sure you switch off the air conditioning during renovation. Decide on a separate workplace, away from the machine. You can ask the people to avoid sanding, grinding, or cutting in a particular room or work at a distance from the machine.
  • Cover the Vents: If you want to save the vents of your air conditioning from dust, dirt or particles, just keep them closed or covered. Even then, you might find a thick layer of dust on your ducts. This can cause obstructions or severely damage your machine. If you want to run the cooling or heating device, make sure to open the vents for airflow with no hindrance. You can also use the vent covers to prevent tiny particles from getting through. In case you notice that the air conditioning is not working optimally, you can opt for air conditioning maintenance which will help you in getting rid of dust particles.

TV room with air conditioning vent on ceiling

  • Give more Stress on Dust Control: If you find it difficult to clean the cooling machine every day, it is advisable to completely cover the air conditioner, leaving no holes, till the entire remodeling work is over. So before you start your renovation project, you can cover the ducts and vents of your air conditioning system.
  • Clean Filters:  During the entire renovation work, do not forget to clean the filters. Any form of dirt or dust can block the normal flow of air and put a lot of pressure on the cooling device. It is best to change the filters once you have done with your home renovation.
  • Regular Maintenance: If you genuinely care for your air conditioning system, make sure you engage in regular cleaning and maintenance during the renovation. Dust can settle anytime. If there is repair and demolition work in the next room, the deposits from the debris can settle in the air ducts, so the ducts can get clogged. This can compromise the efficiency of the cooling device.

Whether you are renovating your house or not, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system ensures that it is working optimally and efficiently. According to the professionals at Home Air Guides, “An air conditioner can last 40% longer when properly maintained. Even just cleaning the air filter once a month can extend the life of the internal components.”

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