Hiring a cleaning company for your office space has many benefits. One is that it helps to promote your business and clientele. A spotless and clean environment will not only attract customers and clients but it will also cause them to return to you again. A clean work environment also offers calmness to your employees and they work more efficiently and wholeheartedly.

You may be surprised to learn that your office or any other working desk probably harbors more germs than a toilet seat! It’s true! In fact, the average desk is subjected to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. A study at the University of Arizona in the U.S. found that phones, water fountains, handles, microwave, door handles, and keyboards are the top five most germ-contaminated spots in the office. And even more shocking is the fact that the area where you place your hand on the desk has around 10,000,000 bacteria.

If you value the well-being of your employees and customers, it is highly recommended that you get into the habit of giving your workplace a regular clean by hiring a cleaning company

Increase in business

Most businesses work best by spreading the word of mouth and mutual experience between the clients and workers. Hence, a good impression of your workplace will not only attract clients but also make them a permanent member. With this, they will give a good word for you in the market and promote your brand in a positive way. Hiring commercial cleaners will increase the productivity and optimism of your workers. The commercial cleaners will organize your workstations and put everything such as telephones, pens, books, and files, etc. in order and provide your employees with easy access to everything they often needed. It is natural that an employee working from an organized and well-managed desk tends to be more productive and efficient in his/her working hours. As a business manager, it is your duty that your employees produce the best quality of work within the provided resources and time. Hence, hiring commercial cleaners will make it happen.

Keep the Workplace Organized

The cleaning company will do a thorough cleaning and organize the workplace but it is also mandatory that you keep your workplace organized by doing basic clean up along the day. A place can only stay organized when its user keeps a check on it. Here is how you can keep your workplace top-notch:

1- Regular cleaning of the keyboard

Shut down your computer and unplug your keyboard to start its cleaning. Carefully turn your keyboard upside down and gently shake it over a bin, this should get rid of any crumbs and debris. To clean away dust, use compressed air. Then use cotton swabs and cotton buds to clean the keys with isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to use too much alcohol. This will disinfect and clean away any present germs.

2- Dust your Desk

You’ll keep dust away from your desk by regularly vacuuming carpets under your desk, or mopping hard floors. Regularly use a dry lint-free cleaning cloth to wipe your desk to pick up dust. This will prevent any dust allergy as well.

3- Disinfect the Phone

Your phone is a hotspot for bacteria and needs regular cleaning. Wipe your phone with anti-bacterial wipes. The ear, mouthpiece and keypad require special attention as they have the most concentration of bacteria and they touch your skin directly. Wipe the whole unit and any wires and cables that are exposed to the environment and dust particles.

4- Reduce Clutter

You are probably all too aware that clutter builds on your desk easily. Clutter attracts dust and makes regular cleaning more difficult. Try to keep your desk minimal. A minimal and well-organized desk also represents a professional and more welcoming environment.

5- Do not eat on your Work Desk

If you really want to minimize the mess on your desk, eat snacks and lunch elsewhere. Food crumbs and spills can easily build up without you noticing. Taking a lunch break away from your workstation is actually good for your productivity and overall work ethic.

We hope you found this blog post on How Keeping the Workplace Clean Will Benefit Your Business? useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Ultimate Move Out/Move In Home Cleaning Checklist for more great tips!


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