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The real estate market is up and running again for real estate businesses after last year’s frozen market. This post will show you how to grow your real estate business amidst the volatile real estate market. And we’ll do this through real estate translation.

We’ll see what real estate translation is, how you can benefit from it if you’re in NYC, and how to find a translation service in New York if you’re a business owner or simply someone who wants to know all about moving.

Translation is necessary for real estate businesses to grow their business. Many studies have proven that 40% or more of homebuyers will not buy in a language other than their own. And 22.4% of people in New York City are foreign-born.

It’s been proven that speaking to buyers in their language can convert these buyers, especially in a market such as real estate, where interpersonal communication is necessary.

So, are you ready to begin?

Common Uses of Translation In Real Estate

Real estate translation translates everything that has to do with the real estate business: descriptions, legal documents, press releases, marketing content and promotional materials, website content, and even building codes.

The tasks such as property listings, attracting clients, negotiating conditions of sales, and drawing up contracts are an everyday part of the real estate business.

Making sure these are all translated into languages that clients can understand is essential to the success and growth of your business.

Real estate translation includes:

  • Product listings
  • Lease translation
  • Building permit translation
  • Technical real estate translation
  • Home loan translation
  • Translation for financial paperwork
  • Housing association translation
  • Commercial property translation

The real estate business is a global one. For example, the real estate business in Spain is different from the real estate business in the US.

The US commercial real estate brokerage industry includes about 120,000 establishments with a combined revenue of $112 billion. In Manhattan alone, there are 27,000+ licensed salespersons and brokers.

Aside from that, Manhattan and the rest of New York City are also linguistically diverse places for the real estate business. After English, Spanish is the most spoken language in NYC.

But there’s also a whole host of other languages – a total of 800 languages, to be exact.

Other major languages include Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Russian, in neighborhoods such as Flushing, Queens, and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

If you need help accessing these neighborhoods, look to NYC translation services to grow your real estate business.

There’s so much competition in the real estate market that you may feel left out.

But, with the right services, such as NYC translation services, you can rise above the competition by communicating with your clients and other businesses in a language they can understand.

What Benefits Do Real Estate Businesses Get?

Why do you need translation services in NYC? Translation services in New York provide translation in real estate and beyond.

They provide specialized services for real estate and services beyond real estate such as website translation and marketing translation.

Your real estate business in New York can use translation services for all the above services.

And what’s more, you can also use translators in NYC to optimize your website, localize your product listings, and translate your legal documents.

Everything that you need translating or localizing, New York translation services can provide.

What’s the benefit of translation services in NYC? First, it’s a use case benefit–you’ll see more profits and more growth when you translate your services in the consumer’s language, which is proven for 76% of consumers.

How will you profit? With more people gaining access to your services in their languages, you can be assured that you’ll acquire more customers–customers you may not have had access to before translation.

How will you grow? You can be sure that as your acquisition of customers grows, your business will grow. This has been proven to happen when translation services are used. It will also benefit the global economy.

How to Find Translation Services in New York

  1. Examine your language needs – You may need a specific language service, but the translation service you’re looking at doesn’t accommodate that language. Tomedes accommodates many languages, including rare and hard-to-find languages.
  2. Look at the client testimonials – If clients aren’t satisfied with the results, chances are the translation service is not up to par. Go with global translation services in New York that prioritizes their clients.
  3. Browse the Translator’s Portfolio – Looking at a translator in NYC’s past work will indicate their versatility, accuracy, and quality and give an idea of the service you will receive from them.
  4. Compare Prices – There are translation services that are not the best value for your money. Avoid those and go with translation services that offer a great price while accommodating all your needs.

The Takeaway

As this article has proven, translation services in New York can benefit your business if you’re thinking about the global market.

Aside from growing through customer acquisition, translation services in NYC can broaden your horizons to the international stage.

You can become a global company using translation services by bridging the language barriers between countries.

Are you ready for the growth your business could experience?

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