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Downtown Chicago is one of the costliest places to rent an apartment. If you are looking for tips and suggestions to find the right apartment in Chicago Downtown then probably you have a luxury apartment in mind.

This post will guide you how to find the best apartments in Downtown Chicago and the things that need to be considered before finalizing your decision.

Apartment Hunting Tips

Luxury apartments and conventional ones are not the same. Most of the common platforms like Craigslist do not typically list luxury apartments. So, you need to dig through the Internet carefully and intelligently to find the right luxury apartment.

The following methods are helpful to search for the appropriate luxury apartment.

Apartment Building Websites

Apartment building companies usually have a website which has all the details including the floor plans, amenities, features, surrounding areas, privacy and security aspects of the buildings and much more. For instance, Spoke Apartments has its own website showing information about their apartments, such as which floor and units are available for rent, etc.

What you should do is collect the names of 5-6 top developers of your targeted area or city and then use search engines to find their websites.

Use Your Friends

When you are looking for luxurious apartments which are not listed on social media like Twitter or Facebook, your friends can be a good source of leads. So, use your friends, call or text them to find out about their apartments or any other apartments that they know which are suited for you.

Social media nowadays is a great source to find things that are not easy to find elsewhere. For example, you may have many friends on your list and each of them has other friends. Just put the word out about your needs and it will reach thousands of people without any effort. Using this method people often receive helpful referrals from others.

Real Estate Agents

A very common practice of real estate agents is that they’re not working for their company only. Rather, they help clients to find the most suitable property, if it isn’t listed by their parent company. This is the business trend nowadays. So if you contact an agent and describe your needs and they find that they have no property that matches your criteria, they will direct you the most suitable property for your purposes which might be listed by other agents.

This mutual connectivity between agents makes things easier for the consumer.

The best way is to contact as many as agents possible that you will get multiple responses within a short period of time.

Another great benefit of using a real estate agent is they know ins and outs of the market better than a layperson. So, you will get more detailed information about the rental and knowledge about the neighborhoods in Chicago before you make your decision where to move in.

Final Thoughts

Don’t make your decision in a rush. Take time, evaluate multiple properties, look at them from every aspect, meet the landlord and property managers, ask questions if you have any confusion, and visit the properties before renting.

We hope you found this blog post How to Find a Luxury Apartment in Downtown Chicago  useful. Be sure to check out our post Transparency Throughout the Apartment Search Process In Chicago for more great tips!


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