Now that you and your fiance have tied the knot, it’s time to start putting down some roots and find the home that is right for the two of you. Throughout the process, you’ll have to take into account the compromises you’ll both have to make. You’ll be forced to consider elements like proximity between your jobs and what areas surround the property you’re interested in. A lot goes into finding the perfect home but with these tips below, your house hunting journey will be much easier than you thought. 

Define Your Dream Home

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When searching for your dream home, it helps to develop a vision of what your ideal home is to you and your spouse. In order to understand each other’s wishes, ask these residential questions to help. Do you plan on moving to a new state? What kind of acreage are you interested in? Is there a specific style of home you’re looking for or neighborhood you think fits your family goals best? 

If you are having trouble visualizing your new home and what you want out of your next space, do a walkthrough in your mind of what this looks like. Write down what comes to mind first and rank them in order of importance. Create a list of the deal breakers in the home, what you can work with and what must be included for the both of you. This can include things like the size and amount of rooms, yard potential, a finished basement and more. Each spouse should create one of these lists and compare with each other before planning your move.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent 

Now that you and your partner have narrowed down your definition of the “perfect home” with each other, it’s best to consider the next step. With real estate experience or not, it is much easier to discuss what you’re looking for with a real estate agent. 

The right real estate agent will be sure to help you find the right home in the right location. They’ll be able to take care of the data, property features and prices while also assisting throughout every step in the process. Their insight will also make it a lot easier to negotiate a better deal. It can be hard to keep track of everything involved in buying a home, especially with the important elements like taxes and legal burdens. Overall, having a real estate agent will help alleviate some stressors by breaking it down in a way that is easier to understand. 

Gather Your Finances 

If this is your first time planning to move in together, you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page financially to avoid hardship in the future. This can include getting accountants involved to take a look at where you are at in terms of saving, budget and what money you have  set aside for other important expenses. Consider student loan payments, car payments, credit card bills and utility bills like gas and electric as well.

Discuss with your partner the ideal spending limit for the new property. Steps like researching how you can prequalify for a home loan are crucial to your home buying journey. This process can help you determine how much money you’ll be able to borrow to buy a home and what your interest rate will be. This can influence the homes you look at and ultimately your final decision. Keep in mind that you might be pre-approved for your dream home, but before you start packing your boxes, ensure you two can sustain the payment amounts for an extended period of time. Once you have been pre approved for your mortgage, see where there’s some flexibility in the budget. It’s important to also save for future expenses like new furniture for your space and any infrastructure issues such as home repairs or appliance replacements.

Envision Your Future In Your New Home

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When assessing the perfect property for your next chapter, visualize yourself living there. Reviewing the neighborhood, yard size and amount of rooms should show you potential for growth if having children is in store for both of you. Make sure your investment in this home will be worth it and that you will enjoy spending the next chunk of your life here. This can be a hard decision to make, so take your time walking through each room and feel the potential that each space has to become your own.

If you currently live together in an apartment or rental home, evaluate your own furniture and take inventory. Depending on your budget along with the home’s interior space, you have to decide if moving the furniture or buying new pieces will work best. It’s important to find a balance between buying and saving money on pieces that remind you of your nostalgic home. Take note of furniture or decor pieces that fit your current taste, and fit with your vision for the home. While filling in the rest of your space, make sure you have all the furniture essentials needed for your new home and to decorate accordingly. Small alterations to old furniture items can also save money while allowing these pieces to match your new space. 

Making the Move for Your Next Chapter

Now that you have taken all the right steps to find a home that fits you as newlyweds, you can begin planning the moving process. To limit the stress of moving, use the benefits of a moving service when relocating your current belongings. Find a truck or van that fits your long distance or local moving needs. Make sure that you’re wrapping everything that is fragile in bubble wrap or the proper materials to ensure it makes it to your next location in one piece. Pad the corners of your furniture and dressers to not chip or damage them– maybe even wrapping them up can help eliminate the damage to your items. 

Once you’ve packed what’s left of your old apartment or house into your moving truck, be sure that you’re following through with a new home checklist before you unpack your belongings. This includes a walk through of your newly purchased home, cleaning the floors and crevices so that you can unpack in a clean space. If you and your spouse don’t feel like cleaning as soon as you move in, hire a professional service to clean before you are set to unpack. 

Final Word

Navigating your first home buying experience together and finding the best fit for you can be a difficult adventure, but following these steps above can ease some of the stress. Compromise with each other when necessary, complete your due diligence and hire a real estate agent that has your best interest at heart. The moving process will be a breeze in the end and you’ll be settling into your new home in no time.

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