New York As A Newbie

So, you are a newbie in New York looking for the best means of transportation? Well, you are in luck, as we have gathered first-hand advice and experience from New Yorkers, and what their take is on the best modes of transport. As one of the biggest cities with the most vast options for transportation, it can take a while to assess which is the right one for you. Cut the messing around, and consider our take on the best ways to get around New York as a newbie.

The choice of which mode of transportation is right for you will highly depend on where you are trying to go. For people moving to New York, you need to confirm the area of your home, your place of work, and where you will frequently go for leisure. Unless you have an unlimited budget *kudos to you* you will also need to keep the cost of transport in mind, and by this, we mean sticking to your transport budgets as much as possible. We will also share the current prices of each transport option, so you can work out which would be best based on the limits you have set yourself.

For your typical New Yorker, switching between the right subways, busses and rail services can be easily done in their sleep. However, for people who are yet to embrace the full experience of New York’s transport systems, it will feel like a bustling maze with little breathing space and expensive fees. Do not let the busy environment scare you in New York, if anything it’s a feature of its vibrant personality that is there to be embraced. For our take on how to get around New York as a newbie, take a look at the following suggestions.

The Subway 

The infamous New York subway. If you are yet to experience the subway, it is important to know its benefits for getting around the limitless streets of New York. In total, there are 472 official stations in New York. Yikes! But don’t let this scare you, as the systems are extremely streamlined and created to make the experience for riders as simple as possible. Payment options include paying in coins ( no bills permitted!), paying contactless, and also prepaying for a MetroCard. 

There is the option of buying a single ticket which comes to $3 and a 7-day card for $33, but if you are planning on using the subway for the majority of your commuting, it would be worth investing in the 30-day travel card that comes to $127. This may seem like a lot, but taking into account the 24/7 runnings of the subways, and also the span of available stops you can reach, it is the perfect way to get around the city. Furthermore, there is the option to pay contactless between each stop using the OMNY system. Also, it is realistically the cheapest if you are looking to spend most of your budget on great food in New York!

Hop On Hop Off Bus

This one is for the newbies looking to see all the best sights of New York to help you settle into your new city. The HOHO bus is one of the best modes of transport if you are looking to see all of the famous landmarks of New York. Despite this being one for tourists, it is also recommended for new residents of New York to learn more about the history of the city and to also get all the best tips and tricks for getting around. 

Although there is a designated route, you are free to explore the attractions at your own pace with regular buses running frequently throughout the day to which, as the name suggests, you can hop on and off! Different providers offer ranging prices for these bus tours, but you shouldn’t pay any more than $50 for a day pass. It is important to keep in mind that the HOHO buses will still be subjected to the busy traffic of New York, so plan plenty of time to get to any scheduled destinations.

Buy a Bike

As well as being one of the most walkable cities, New York is also considered one of the most bikeable. New York is home to an extensive amount of Bike lanes, meaning the commute for bikers is often considered the most congestion-free of all modes of transport you can take in New York. If you are happy to put in the extra mile and take care of your bike, it is well worth the purchase. 

Rentable Bikes/ Scooters 

Need some biking encouragement before you buy one of your own? No problem, as New York offers electric bike and scooter rentals! New York is now investing millions into e-bike charging stations, meaning that e-bikes and adult electric scooters will soon be riding around the city in the masses. Consider renting an e-bike for quick trips, and make sure you have a rough idea as to where you can leave your bike once the trip is complete. Charges differ depending on the time scale you intend to use the bikes, but you can rent one of the e-bikes for a whole day for as little as $19. This is one of the best ways to take scenic routes around the city. Romantic your time in New York riding around the central park on your bike, what more could you want?

Bottom line 

Overall, getting around New York as a newbie may seem like a maze, but it can be quickly mastered once you find the best mode of transport for you. Save your pennies and opt for a subway MetroCard for the whole year’s unlimited usage, or perhaps use your commute to get some fresh air on one of the city’s electric bikes. However you choose to travel, make sure it is safe and within the city’s regulations. The last thing you need is a nasty fine for biking in a prohibited area!

We hope you found this blog post on How To Get Around New York As A Newbie useful. Be sure to check out our post on Moving Day in NYC, NY for more great tips!

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