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Cubicle Disassembly Guide

How to Move Office Cubicles Cheap and Easy: Cubicle Disassembly Guide

Moving your office to a new location can be a daunting and difficult process. Every facility team knows that. Unless you know how to disassemble the cubicles. Learn how to move office cubicles cheap and easy here. Here is a How to Move Office Cubicles Cheap and Easy: Cubicle Disassembly Guide.

You’re on a time crunch, you don’t want to disrupt staff productivity, and you have to be sure that nothing gets damaged. 

Not to mention the disassembling and reassembling of all those cubicles….

Don’t stress. The following tips will guide you through the process of how to move your office and all of it’s moving parts smoothly and successfully. 

Alert Staff

You’ll want to communicate clearly and let employees know well in advance that their work areas are going to be disrupted. That way, you’ll give them plenty of time to prepare and adjust their work schedule. 

You may also need to secure temporary office space for staff until the new space is ready.  

Additionally, ask staff to box up all personal items and valuables so they can be safely transferred to the new location.

Your Tool Kit 

For cubicle disassembly, you will need a wrench, a flat screwdriver, a rubber hammer, and a ladder.  

Ask another person to assist you. This will make the process safe and expedient. And in order to avoid injury throughout the move, educate yourself on the proper way to lift materials

The Steps of Disassembly 

Begin by assessing the space and be sure that all cords and cables are unplugged. Evaluate the cubicle’s structure and check to see if it’s secured with screws, levers, springs or rods. 

Additionally, make note of the number of panels to be taken apart. 

Remove Built-in Features 

If the cubicle has an attached desk or shelving, those items will need to be disassembled.

Remove the desk by going under it and unscrewing it from the panels. Be sure that another person holds the desk so it does not fall on you. Once the desk is unattached, remove the shelves. 

Set aside built-in pieces.

Begin with Outer Panels 

Evaluate how the middle panel is fastened to the outer panels. 

Begin to remove screws, latches, springs, or levers from the outer panels first. Then move to the middle panel. As you break down the panels, be sure someone else is there to hold them in case they should fall. 

Additionally, the use of a ladder makes the job easier when it comes to working on the upper panels. 

In the Case of a Connector Rail 

Some cubicle panels are bolted to a connector rail on the floor. If this is the case with your cubicles, you will probably need a wrench to loosen the panels. 

If there’s no bolt, you can pry the panel off the rail with a screwdriver. With assistance from your partner, pull the panel from the floor rail.

If the panel doesn’t budge, gently tap it with a rubber hammer. Once the panel is free, carefully set it aside. Continue to remove all panels until the space is clear. 

Cubicles, Check! Now, How to Move The Rest of Your Office 

You now know how to approach cubicle disassembly. But of course, there are many other items to manage when considering how to move.

We hope you found this How to Move Office Cubicles Cheap and Easy: Cubicle Disassembly Guide useful. For more Moving Tips follow our Blog.

And if taking down hundreds of cubicles yourself doesn’t sound appealing, we can help with that! Feel free to contact us to discuss how to make your office move easier.

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