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Everybody has felt the stress of moving. You have a lot to do, such as packing all your things and cleaning up the house. If you have a pet, you need to think about them as well: they have feelings too. They think of their home as their territory. Dogs adapt more easily to a new environment, while cats like to be in an environment that is familiar to them. Here are some tips on how to help your pets get used to your new home.

Pack Smartly and Prepare Them For Moving

Pack their things in special boxes. To prevent your dog from playing with your packed things, place the boxes away from them, preferably in a room where pets do not have access. This is because sometimes while playing, the dog can scratch, chew or break something, and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. Be sure to pack all their toys and the equipment you have for them. Also, you should introduce them to your new neighborhood, even before moving. Take them for a walk and let them explore the area to make it easier for them to adjust.

Cats and dogs do not experience moving and traveling in the same way. You need to be prepared for the fact that this part may not be that easy. Cats are the ones who don’t like to travel, while dogs are the ones who can be in a small space and that is not such a problem for them.

Keep Doing Things As Before

Although the environment is different, everything else should remain the same. You should stick to a feeding and walking schedule for your dog. The same goes for bedtime and cuddling. It is very important for them that the schedule of their day does not change drastically.

The same goes for a cat. However, if your cat is used to going outside, don’t let her go at first until she is acquainted with the neighborhood. You can help her with that, by walking her, even if you need to use a leash to be sure that she will not run away.

Choose a New Vet

You must have had a veterinarian in your old area whom you trusted, now you need to find a new veterinarian at your new location who will be close by if something happens to your pet. If your pet is injured or sick, don’t wait long to visit the vet. If your dog is one of those who doesn’t like car rides, put him in an aluminum dog box for easier transport. For cats, it is best to put them in transport boxes to make them feel comfortable while driving. To make their ride go faster, give them their favorite toys to play with.

Give Them Time to Get Used to Their New Home

It does not take every pet the same time to get used to the changes. So, you need to be patient and help them as much as you can. Having their old toys in a new home is one of the things that will help them. Arrange their bed, litter box for cats, toys, food, and water bowls similar to what was in the previous home. This will help them feel less disoriented and get used to the new home as soon as possible.

Let them get to know the house and explore it. Also, let them know clearly if they are not allowed to go to some rooms. Until they get used to the new environment, they can change their behavior. This initially affects their potty habits, protective behavior, and for dogs, their barking.

Give Them Love and Attention

Pets cannot show their emotions the same way people do. When you are able, dedicate your time to them. Take your pet for walks and cuddle them. Although moving is a big change for you, don’t neglect your pets in the whole process. Be patient and persistent in joint activities related to the new home and environment. Everything will be strange and new to them, but you are the person they trust the most, so help them with your presence and attention to accept new circumstances. In the end, they are the ones who are happily waiting for you when you get home tired from work.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post How to Move to a New Home with Pets useful. Be sure to check out our post Make Your Moving Stressless For Your Pets! for more great tips!


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